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The Curse of the Demon Part 1 - An Unexpected Journey (The Jam)

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(Title Card)

(Episode starts at the back table where the main 5 are sitting.)

Dark: Oh hey, remember that rock band thing we did? We shoud TOTALLY do that again!

Brandon: No, we shouldn't. Remember when those record producers came and it became a cliche'd "don't sell your soul to record labels" plotline?

Kontrast: Hey, don't break the fourth wall! That's our thing! :(

(Nick suddenly walks over to the group's table.)

Nick: Hey, you guys were the ones who stopped Hellspawn, right?

Fandro: Um, yeah...

Nick: Mayor Lumo wants to see you. Hayley you can come too.

Hayley: Alrighty then...

(Scene cuts to the six in Mayor Lumo's office.)

Mayor Lumo: Oh hello, boys and girls! Anyway, I've come to send you away on a special mission.

Dark: I'm up for it!

Brandon: Sounds fun.

Sam: What's the point.....

Sketch: Huh? What's wrong?

Sam: We're all gonna die anyway...

Fandro: Th-that doesn't sound like you, Sam...

Mayor Lumo: I see. The curse is already being put into affect.

Hayley: The curse? 

Mayor Lumo: Hellspawn has brought about a curse onto the citizens of Nowhere. It is like a parasite. It infects people and turns their personalities backwards and it messes with their heads.

Brandon: That....explains things.

Sam: What's the point...we'll never catch it....

Fandro: D-Don't be like that, Sam! Stay confident!

Sam: Why should I.....optimism is for the weak....

Sketch: Welp, that's the first time I've ever heard someone say that. 

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