The Curator is the main villain of Ella-Metals 5.


The Curator is a two-faced trickster who is power-hungry for his own good. He doesn't listen a lot and just wants to get his point across, usually by violence. He hates the younger generation, calling them "arrogant and over-ambitious", which is ironically a trait inherited by him. He calls himself The Curator as he admires Geology and was his previous profession and being a on the run criminal does not wish to reveal his name, or any secret at all for that matter. He gets addicted and tempted very easily, but isn't as vunerable when he is danger.


The Curator is a bald man who wears a tattered wardens hat with some gray hair peeking through. He wears a yellow luminous security jacket and aquires vine smudged blue jeans with a vine belt and sandals.


Ella-Metals: Undergrounding

The Curator is a minor character of the cult until he is fought as a boss.

Ella-Metals 5

The Curator moves in to VineVille to saboutage the new Protector Election after being hired to protect the Meteorite by the council. He has a plan to destory the metorite and steal the remains for his own personal use to gain a quick-fix power. The opposite to The Wright Sisters genuine long-lasting Elemental Box.

He is finally stopped when he is found out as a fraud by the candidates and flees to the VineVille Quarry. He is there fought and defeated by his new Vine Power being stripped and leaving him vunerable. He sinks into the ground and is welcomed back into the Undergrounding cult.

Ella-Metals vs. Battle of Bracelets

The Curator is the third boss and second from the Ella-Metals series overall. He can like be defeated like in EM5.

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