The Cult of Aten were a secret order of jackal demi-gods that worshipped Aten more highly than their fellow Pharaoh, they were asssigned to apply Cortez with technology and weapons so he stood a chance against Vulcan.


The Blue Jackal- Entropy

The Red Jackal- Hau

The Orange Jackal- Energyx

And the leader, The Gold Jackal- Phobos

They took with them, two Guards to protect their bright glowing sphere, as to which they don't know what it is though, they thought they could resurrect Aten with the sphere, until they met their match, although they were just 3 humans...

It must be noted that all members of The Cult of Aten were created by accidents like black holes, ghosts, comets and the energy of The Void

In the more recent of their events, the cult expanded to six with three new members, although they didn't much believe in Aten, they prove themselves worthy with every task they are handed.

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