The Cube
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Genre(s) Survival Horror
Predecessor Several Nights at Fierce's
The Cube is an horror game taking place in a cube-shaped mechanical building high in the air. The game is a spiritual successor to the Several Nights at Fierce's series; both are based on the same game (except The Cube is based on the remake of Fierce, Sekaiju, instead of Fierce itself) and both are horror game focusing on robotic characters. The game is meant for younger audiences and as such isn't supposed to be very scary.



The game plays in a similar way to most horror games; there is one character that hunts you down. This character is known as the MechaScorpion, which is a robotic dinosaur-like creature with a long scorpion-like tail. It's head is basically a brain in a jar with two red glowing mechanical eyes, implying it is a cyborg. The goal is to survive it for as much time as possible. As you survive, the MechaScorpion gets stronger and stronger. The player wins if they survive for 10 minutes. Some modes offer different difficulty options where the antagonist is weaker or stronger.

The character can fight back the scorpion. You can never kill the cyborg, but you can weaken him by damaging him. It will also run away if attacked on the head. All the characters have the same three attacks; a melee attack where the player dashes in front of themselves, a simple ranged attack which is shown as an energy ball and a AoE attack which is shown as a sphere spinning around the player. MechaScorpion can only use melee attacks, through he has a large variety of them.

Story Mode

This mode allows you to uncover the story behind the game. It plays through a variety of rounds which are harder then eachother. Between each round is a cutscene. This mode allows you to unlock several new characters. You can only use 1 character in the Story Mode at once.

Single-Player Mode

The single-player mode is similar to the Story Mode, except you can customise the round, there isn't a scenario and there isn't cutscenes before each round. The Engineer and The Cube Master will not call you too. You can select any character and swap character between each round unlike the Story Mode. After completing 5 single-player rounds, you will unlock Master Servitors. After 10 rounds, you unlock Attack Bots. After 15 rounds, Aero Brain Wheel Drones are unlocked.



You start the story mode by choosing a character among The Cube's robots. You get a description of what they are as well as thier stats and where they start. After choosing a character, the story mode begins.

A cutscene plays, showing a terrarium with many giant blue butterflies flying around. Suddenly, an alarm plays as smoke fills the terrarium, making the butterflies panic up. The glass that surrounds the terrarium breaks as the main antagonist, MechaScorpion, shows himself. Some butterfly limbs are stuck on it's head and tail, implying it ate some of them.

Round 1

The first "round" then plays. This round is extremely easy; the scorpion is not very fast and usually can't oneshot the player. It also only tries hunting the player instead of tricking them. One of The Cube's engineers explains to you through a system message that this MechaScorpion ended up beign far stronger then normal. He claims that he doesn't knows why the scorpion went berserk, but that you should be careful. 

After finishing the round, you get the option to save your progress and then either go back to the Title Screen or continue the story. You also unlock the Brain Drone. Another cutscene plays after this. This one shows a closet with various potions in it. The MechaScorpion is shown walking in the room grabbing potions with it's tail and "drinking" them with a pump-like gadget.

Round 2

The second round plays. The round is a bit harder, the scorpion beign faster and stronger. They start to travel through The Cube's vent system. This increases the number of places the MechaScorpion attacks from. The engineer writes another system message, saying that he's been using the cameras and found out the cyborg has been eating potions it should not be eating, which means it will get stronger and stronger. It might also explain why it is aggresive according to him.

After the round, you can save once again, this time unlocking the Aero Wheel. Another cutscene plays. The Scorpion is shown lurking around the Cube, before breaking a wall where smaller versions of the MechaScorpion, the MechaRaptors were hiding. It doesn't reveals what happens to them after.

Round 3

The third round starts. The MechaScorpion is even faster now, but, more importantly, has MechaRaptors minions teaming with him. They are much weaker then the MechaScorpion, and can be knocked out unlike him. Some of them attack you while others seem to spy you. The engineers messages you once again, saying that the MechaScorpion found it's pack and will hunt you with them now.

You can save once again as the round ends; you unlock the Genetic Butterflies this time, which are the same butterflies at the ones at the start of the game. Another cutscene plays, showing the MechaScorpion breaking a previously-sealed floor and entering a golden area, where the scorpion is shown breaking some golden statues of a robot.

Round 4

The 4th round has a new floor open, one which is mostly golden. The messager is different this time; it is a robot named the "Cube Master", who is angry at the MechaScorpion since it wrecked his personal floor up and that he had to escape The Cube. He keeps reffering himself as the "lord" and other high names. The engineer then messages you again. He explains that the Cube Master is a robot who thinks of himself so highly he thinks he's a god. Nearly all of the robots in the Cube praise him, which is the only reason the staff didn't shut him down. 

Another save points appear as you finish the round. You also unlock Cube Apprentices. After this, you get to see the MechaScorpion finding a stone and then carrying it away. A few seconds later, the MechaScorpion reappears, doing a jumpscare to the screen.

Round 5

At first, the MechaScorpion is nowhere to be seen, with an abundance of MechaRaptors. The engineer calls you again, panicking; he says that he dropped a stone which is able to multiply the power of a certain creature, through he is not sure which one. As you might espect, the MechaScorpion got boosted by the stone. He is now faster, stronger and tougher then ever. He shows up after the round is about halfways finished. He is bigger, has redder eyes and has many sawblades around it's body.

Soon enough, the MechaScorpion starts summoning more MechaScorpions, which are weaker but still dangerous. The whole MechaRaptor and MechaScorpion pack now chases you, until you get to a dead end. Suddenly, the Cube Master shows up, with many Attack Bots at his sides. The Attack Bots attack the Mecha pack, but the Mechas beat them. As a last resort, the Cube Master lifts a small MechaRaptor and says that if they don't stop, he will break it. The stronger MechaScorpion leaps aggresively at the Cube Master, however, and destroys nearly all of his covering, forcing him to run. The MechaScorpion then approaches the small MechaRaptor to make sure it's okay. The round then ends.


"A few days later", you get a message from the mysterious engineer. He tells you that he found out why the MechaScorpion was so angry; the Cube Master had taken a random MechaRaptor to study it, not knowing it was the child of the Mecha pack leader. This put the MechaScorpion in a fury of rage. He says that the Cube Master is lucky that it wasn't completely destroyed. The Cube Master then sends you a message. The robot simply says that he's never going to the terrarium floor again, but this is quite a problem since he cannot reach the other floors. He claims that he is the one who stopped the MechaScorpion and then ends the message.

The screen then fades to black and says "The End." After a few seconds, it says that you unlocked MechaRaptor. You are then brought back to the Title Screen.



There are many characters you can play as in the game, instead of them beign one creature. They are various robots from the Cube.

Name Description Stats Description

Robot Boys

(Starts in = AI_Chamber01)

Robot Boys are robots made to mimic the behavior of a small boy. Them and Robot Girls do not like eachother. Robot Boys are all-around. They have average speed. They are a little bit slow but have a tiny bit more HP then average.

Robot Girls

(Starts in = AI_Chamber02)

Robot Girls are robots made to emulate girly behavior. They have been criticised for beign very stereotypical. Robot Girls are mostly focused on Health. They run a bit faster then Robot Boys but are bad at fighting.

Bare Robots

(Starts in = Scrapyard)

Bare Robots are Robot Boys and Robot Girls that were scrapped. They have created a small society of sorts, interestingly enough. Bare Robots are one of the fastest character in the game and are good fighters. They have horrible HP through.

Cube Skaters

(Starts in = Ice_Rink)

Cube Skater are cute robots that were made to test a robot that can feel joy. They usually live in an ice rink. Cube Skaters are pretty fast and have high HP. They are not very good at fighting however.

Machinery Dragons

(Starts in = AI_Chamber03)

Machinery Dragons are robotic dragons with a forcefield on them. They hover above the ground with fans. Machinery Dragons are tanky characters, beign pretty slow, but having high attack and defense.

Armor Cubes

(Starts in = Generators_01)

Armor Cubes are cubes with eyes, a helmet and a rotating fan below them. They watch over the Cube's generators. Armor Cubes are very tough, having the highest health in the game. They are not very good at fighting, and are pretty slow.

Data Cubes

(Starts in = ControlRoom)

Data Cubes are small green cubes that contain precious data from the Cube, such as logs, updates, ect. Data Cubes slow but have high attack and defense. They have less extreme stats then Machinery Dragons, however.

Aero Wheels

(Starts in = Generators_02)

Aero Wheels are composed of a core and several spinning blades around it. They create energy by spinning around. Aero Wheels are pretty fast, but have low defense. They have average skills in fighting.

Brain Drones

(Starts in = Terrarium_01)

Brain Drones are small four-legged drones with an artificial brain. They were some of the first cyborgs made in The Cube. Brain Drones are a little bit stronger then average but are a little fragile.

Genetic Butterflies

(Starts in = Terrarium_02)

The Genetic Butterflies are gigantic butterflies, beign around the size of your head. They are the main prey of MechaRaptors. Genetic Butterflies are the fastest characters in the game, but are horrible at fighting and are always taken out in one hit.

Cube Apprentices

(Starts in = MasterRoom_01)

Cube Apprentices are the closest followers of the Cube Master. They always wear a brown bandanna that matches their legs. Cube Apprentices are completely average in term of stats, not beign weak or better at anything.

Master Servitors

(Starts in = MasterWorkshop)

Master Servitors are the servitors of the Cube Master. They create statues of him, keep him in shape and clean his floor. Master Servitors have high health, but have low attack as they're not built to fight.

Attack Bots

(Starts in = MasterHalls_03)

Attack Bots were supposed to defend The Cube, but now they only protect the Cube Master because he said so. Attack Bots have the highest attack in the game. To balance them, they have low speed and HP.

Aero Brain Wheel Drone

(Starts in = AirCleaners)

Aero Brain Wheel Drones are the fusion of Aero Wheels and Brain Drones, doing both jobs. Aero Brain Wheel Drones have low defense, but are fast and do high damage.


(Starts in = Terrarum_02)

MechaRaptors are extremely smart cyborgs. The metal that covers them is extremely flexible. They prey on genetic butterflies. Mecha Raptors are fast and strong. They have pretty low defenses, however.





  • The Cube and Several Nights at Fierce's story are not related.
    • Helpbot from SNaF is based on the Armor Cubes from The Cube, however.
  • There are actually multiple MechaScorpions, but they are usually weaker then the one who hunts you down.

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