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Friendly Creatures

Friendly creatures can be raised on your farm without any trouble.

Image Creature Environment Element Class
Builver Builver Makobo Environment Pool
Makobo Element Water
Makobo Class Builder
The term "busy as a beaver" is no more appropriate for any of Makobo Island's wildlife than the workaholic Builvers. They rarely take breaks and love building things out of wood, especially furniture.
Love Dove Love Dove Makobo Environment Sky
Makobo Element Light
Makobo Class Healer
If love is in the air, a flock of Love Doves is not far behind. There have been reports of these birds swarming around couples in love, probably why Makobo Islands isn't such a hot honeymoon spot.
Punk Chop Punk Chop Makobo Environment Farm
Makobo Element Ground
Makobo Class Fighter
An angry Punk Chop is not the kind of pig you want your Punk Chop to be. They are usually rude and ill-tempered, which also makes them good for defending their homes from the island's hostile creatures.
Pyrmate Pyrmate Makobo Environment Jungle
Makobo Element Fire
Makobo Class Worker
These little monkeys are ever playful and curious, and always looking for a new friend! CAUTION: Highly recommended you play with them away from paper, wood, or other flammable objects.
Snovine Snowvine Makobo Environment Farm
Makobo Element Ice
Makobo Class Healer
These cattle have been living in colder climates for so long, that the milk in their udders has frozen into ice cream! ...Not really sure how, but it's not something really worth questioning.
Toony Loon Toony Loon Makobo Environment Pool
Makobo Element Shadow
Makobo Class Worker
No one on Makobo Island is sure where these odd birds came from. They just sort of showed up on the island one day. But one thing is definitely for sure, they sure are daffy little ducks!

Tamable Creatures

Creatures that start out as hostile, but can be tamed to work on your farm.

Image Creature Environment Element Class
Cob Goblin Cob Goblin Makobo Environment Farm
Makobo Element Plant
Makobo Class Gardener
Cob Goblins dislike the heat as it causes their kernels to pop off. They grow back over time, but it's still quite embarrassing. They always come off as grumpy, but are always willing to protect new friends.
Sharkbait Sharkbait Makobo Environment Pool
Makobo Element Water
Makobo Class Predator
Since it's basically half dog and half shark, trust us when we say a Sharkbait's bite is much worse than it's bark. If they even can bark, that is. No one stays in the water long enough to find out.

Hostile Creatures

Creatures that want to attack your farm.

Image Creature Element
Coalbra Coalbra Makobo Element Fire
These serpents have rough, coal-like skin and blood like gasoline. They are known to be able to spit flames as hot as the sun. An attack from only one Coalbra can even burn down an entire village!
Snap Root Snap Root Makobo Element Plant
These are not your average pretty little flowers. Snap Roots are deadly weeds that have been known to destroy gardens, as well as gardeners. If you see one in your garden, get as much weed killer you can!
Spainder Spainder Makobo Element Poison
The venom from a Spainder has been reported to kill an elephant in five minutes flat. Their webs are even coated in their powerful venom to ensure that their prey is already dead by the time they return for an easy meal.

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