The Creatures of Makobo Island
Developer(s) AdamGregory03
Publisher(s) None
Platform(s) Nintendo eShop logo
Genre(s) Simulation
The Creatures of Makobo Island is a game concept by AdamGregory03. It is a game he plans to make if he pursues a career as a video game developer or designer. He plans on releasing it for the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Store.


In the game, you play as a farmer who has moved to Makobo Island after his last farm is shut down due to poor sales. While on the island he discovers that there are friendly creatures who will help him by working on the farm. However, there are also hostile creatures who want to attack the farmer. It is the farmer's goal to raise the good creatures to help him on the farm and defend it.


The game revolves around you hiring the wildlife of the island to work for you. You can purchase creatures at the start of the game, though some require higher levels before you can purchase. All creatures must be taken care of in response to their hard work, and must be fed, bathed, or provided homes. Each creature will have they're own environments (which can also be purchased), elements, and classes, though currently not all are known.


Environments come in small, medium, and large sizes. They can be purchased and placed on your island to provide homes for creatures, as well as provide extra bonuses to your business. Creatures will feel more comfortable working in they're preferred environment.

  • Jungles: Home to more plant-based creatures, or creatures based on animals native to jungles. Jungles can be used to harvest fruit and other natural foods.
  • Farms: Home to creatures based on domestic animals. Farms can be used to provide meat, eggs, hay, and other food products.
  • Pools: Home to marine or amphibious creatures. Currently unknown how they can be used for business.
  • Skies: Home to airborne creatures. Currently unknown how they can be used for business.
  • Deserts: Home to creatures who like it hot. Currently unknown how they can be used for business.


Elements are mainly for battle, as certain elements are stronger or weaker against some elements. Some smaller jobs may require creatures of a certain element.

  • Fire: Good against ice, bad against water.
  • Water: Good against fire, bad against plant.
  • Plant: Good against water, bad against ground.
  • Ground: Good against plant, bad against poison.
  • Poison: Good against ground, bad against light.
  • Light: Good against poison, bad against shadow.
  • Shadow: Good against light, bad against ice.
  • Ice: Good against shadow, bad against fire.


Creatures have certain classes that can affect how good they do a job.

  • Workers: Better at chores.
  • Builders: Better at construction.
  • Fighters: Better at fighting hostile creatures.
  • Healers: Can heal creatures after battle. Hostile creatures may target them.
  • Predators: Can collect meat from defeated enemies.
  • Gardeners: Can plant produce better.

List of Creatures

See The Creatures of Makobo Island/List of Creatures.

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