The Craftendoverse is a universe taken place on the "Fantendo Blue" section on Craftendo (the minecraft server).

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What has happened thus far

The Oasis Era

The events started in April, when ClassyPanda gave the server grief with his spam machines. These machines gave unwanted effects. LegendaryIce (Owner) was impressed with his skilled, and offered  to start a terrorist company with TheSivlerNeo called: OASIS. OASIS sold drugs, illegal armor, and offered hiding for criminals on the Craftendo server. ClassyPanda found it slightly strange that the owner of the server was becoming a terrorist, but ignored it and built the company building, and hid it under a hill. During the planning process of Oasis, they got caught. Ice was forced to take the blame, because ClassyPanda and TheSilverNeo mysteriously vanished from the server. Ice got caught by EnderLegends, and told him out of nowhere, that he could own the server, because he was irresponsible with power. LegendaryIce went undercover and went as LydiaPrower. He choose to rename himself to this, because Lydia Prower was a quiet user on Fantendo, and figured that she wouldn't answer if people interrogated her. Oasis had a huge target on its back now.

The Rainbow Corp Era

Immediatley, Ice trusted Indigo with his secret identity, but DoodleFox quickly found out, so he knew that Oasis needed to be stopped, because it lived on. Indigo made his own company: IndiGO. IndiGO was a military base of sorts, and they offered apartments to employees. Ice had to join IndiGO, to hide. He lived in the aprtment, and created a seprate room meant for a special nuke. Meanwhile, DoodleFox opened a technology company known as Rainbow Corp. Rainbow Corp tracked down all IndiGo and Oasis bases. This worried Ice, so he decided to put a stop to the madness he was doing, so he tormented Doodle, RaspberryNightmare, and SuperScratchkat. After this, he set off the nuke... which ended up being useless. Ice shrugged it off, and just said it was "stupid" and he was sorry. Everyone figured out that LydiaPrower was Ice on that day, because rumors spread. ice figured out how to get rid of Doodle at that very moment: he had to create a competition company. This way he'd destroy it... with out actually destroying it. Ice created the competition company called: Oashisu. But Ice figured out that he wasn't the greatest at making games in minecraft, so he renamed the company Griffu, and made it a Roleplaying service. They made roleplaying sets, props, and etc. Around this same time, Indigo renamed his company to SIREN, and that's when a lightbulb appeared in Ice's head. Siren and Oasis had the same intentions so he decided to merge with Indigo. This was the start of something great.

The Siren Era

Siren used to be just Ice and Indigo, but SuperScratchkat joined over time. Scratch was great at making machines and created a non-copiable currency, and also helped plan for re-creating Craftendo. Then, Luke joined the company. Luke helped with a later event, but did nothing much when he first joined. The after that, Cryo/.etherealknight joined.... mainly to be with Scratch. Terraria/TheFireDragoon, joined for a few seconds, but immediatley rebelled, praising Rainbow Corp for how good it is, and then mysteriously vanished.

After they had a full crew, they decided to do something big. So Indigo, Luke, and Ice tested out their nukes in a field which created a large crater, and lead to fallout.

The Bunker Era

Griffin was the only man prepared for this incident. He created a bunker that garunteed safety, because the bunker was in devlopment for 30 years, which was surprising because nobody ever heard of him. Griffin rescued 3 people: Scratch, Ambro, and Indigo. It is believed that Scratch has amnesia of sorts because of his lack of memory of Indigo and Siren. Scratch came down with a rough sickness down in the bunker, whcih may have a symptom of memory loss. But Indigo had no memory of Scratch either, so they must've just forgotten about eachother. Indigo DID remember Siren, and talks about how he robbed people for a living, which reminded Griffin of his twin brother. Griffins brother was into criminal activity and terrorism, but Griffin couldn't remember his brothers name, because of how he has not been outside of his bunker in 30 years. Indigo couldn't tell them that he did it though, because he'd be immediatley kicked out of the bunker, and left for dead. but he accidently showed a book to Griffin in regards to his plans on killing everyone and escaping. Griffin imprisoned Indigo for this, but Indigo escaped from the prison, escaped the bunker, and was assumed dead after that.

Meanwhile, Scratch and Ambro clearly like eachother. This may be because Ambro looks strikingly similar to Cry. Ambro offered Scratch to SLEEP IN THE SAME BED AS HER one time, which Scratch willingly took the offer. Ambro is always willing to come to Scratch's aid, and vice verse. Griffin assigned jobs to them too. Ambro had to track all incoming Nukes, and Scratch had to cook. Ambro frequently announced nukes, and they closely came closer each time  a new one came in.

One night, Ambro and Scratch mysteriously heard banging on the other side of their bunker wall. They were confused and frightened, but moved on. Another strange thoing that happened, was Scratch's skin turning transparent. Griffin assumed this as a strange mutation from the nukes.

Meanwhile, Ice has gone batshit. He feels great guilt for killing so many people, and is looking mainly for friends. He was the one who was knocking on the other side of the bunker, because he had nowhere to stay. Whenever he got mad, he'd launch another nuke, or another person would launch a nuke. Ice started bugging a guy named Bob, and forced him to become friends with Ice. Bob and Ice broke into the bunker, which lead to havoc. Ambro was being very protective of everybody, and brought out her bow, which she shot at them, even though they didn't want to start a fight. Ambro calmed down, and Ice talked out with Griffin. But mid conversation, Ice starts freaking out because of how familiar Griffin looked. They eventually found out they were twins, and they haven't seen eachother in 30 years. Ice explained that he wore a mask most of the time so that he could avoid contact with him, but they finally found eachother.

Company Uprise Era

After the whole fiasco with the bunker, and Griffin and Ice discovering they are long lost brothers, Griffin and Ice made up and began contacting eachother more. The air was eventually safe around that time, and everyone was able to be as they are. Alongside the neutralization, came a whole new set of companies. Corp Corp are the ones who created this, to neutralize the relationships between companies. Whenever Rainbow Corp or Siren would tie in a battle, Corp Corp would win. Ice took this as a sign of mockery, as it is making fun of companies in the name, so he vandalized the company by declaring false accusations, in attempts to foil the company. Unfortunately, this was never taken to court so the case was closed. It is still quite unclear what Corp Corp does today.

After Corp Corp begun, a whole new set of companies were made. The first company made was Moochco, which mainly made unique command related potions and armor, which would later be banned. This company was very inactive, and owned by Pablo (PabloDePablo). Then came Eternal, which was a Mall/company, that was planned to be made, but was most likely cancelled, due to construction suddenly stopping, and the creator, Rasp, (Laybrinth) stopped showing interest in the project. The last company that was to be made, was a company that wasn't even really a company, and more of a government of sorts, called ST0RM


ST0RM was the new government, made by Ice. The purpose is to keep things in line, due to Ice realizing the lack of control on the server. The control was lost, so he decided to make it stabilized, by making rules and currency. But behind the scenes, more sinister were happening. They were monitoring everyone 24/7, and controlling the weather, just doing creepy things in general, which started rebellions. While Rainbow Corp and Siren are usually competitors, they decided to team up once, and create a rebellion known as "THUNDERSTORM" (Please correct if that's not the name). Ice created a monster that would help everything to be perfect, to take care of money, and etc. This monsters name is Controloss, and has a very important role later on in the story. Ice started coming to his senses about how corrupt his government was, so decided to end it, by destroying any trace of the company.

In Between Era

This Era is what all happened between 2016 and 2116. Ice made a company, that almost goes back to his routes, called RU!N, in which he takes down large companies, or famous people who have malicious intent. In 2023, Tyler "Doodle" Fox, owner of Rainbow Corp, got assassinated by Ice. One day, Ice pushed Tyler, into Tyler's Ice Cannon, which was still active, and froze him to death. Ice killed off some other not as notable people, and then stopped one day after his Dad had died in 2046. From then on, Ice vowed to be loyal to his country, because he knew that's what his father would've wanted. From then on, Ice was giving ownership all by himself. He got promoted from Prince Ice to King Ice, and decided to finally take action on his country. He ordered several men to help find land, as the world was heating up very quickly, and Craftendo was beginning to become a desert. With this, the young adventurer went on a quest for new land on Antarctica, in which he found it, and established their new home Craftendia. Since Antarctica is warmed up now, it's actually livable, and they are able to start civilizations on it.

Craftendia Era

Bunker Lab Era

T!ME Era

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