The Crack is an episode of The Psychic Crew. It first aired on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.


Austyn is walking home from school on the sidewalk. Sarah is walking with him, and when Austyn is about to step on a crack in the sidewalk, she yells, "NO! Don't do it!" Austyn replies, "Do what??" He is confused, and Sarah explains that if you step on a crack in the sidewalk, your mother's back will break. He doesn't believe her, and steps on the crack. The crack opens up and sucks him into another dimension, and Sarah says, "Huh. Maybe I was wrong." The camera switches to Austyn, and he is in a strange void. Gravity is warped, strange images and matter is scrambled everywhere, and there seems to be no way out. Austyn shouts, "Hello?" but it comes out, "Olleh?" He then tries to take a step to the right, but his left arm moves backward. "Kceh eht tahw?!" he says. He tries to move his left arm backwards, and his right foot takes a step forward. Now getting the hang of it, Austyn walks up to a random Youtube video floating in the air. He touches it with his hand, and it plays. The video is of a person stepping on a crack in the sidewalk, in turn getting himself stuck in this strange world. The video is titled "Negative World", so Austyn assumes that the place he is in is called the Negative World. He walks over to half an upside down car and kicks it. The car vanishes and reappears where the video was. The hand that touched the car disappeared as well, and Austyn screams. His hand reappears over by the video. Austyn realizes that he can still maneuver it, and keeps turning the video on and off over and over again. His hand suddenly fades away, and he cannot feel it anymore. Austyn says, "No gniog s'tahw?!" and he realizes that since he is made of positive matter, the negative matter world is turning him into negative matter. Austyn starts running and realizes that there are no exits. All of a sudden gravity changes and Austyn floats upward into a lake of lava. Austyn screams, but when he touches the lava, it feels just like water. "yako" he says, and continues to look for an exit. Then he sees a wormhole next to a giant floating butt. he jumps and floats toward the wormhole, but then some wind comes from nowhere and blows him into the butt. He screams and climbs out, disgusted. He then jumps into the wormhole from the butt, and the camera switches back to Sarah. Lightning comes out of the sidewalk crack, and Sarah jumps back. The lightning forms into the shape of Austyn, and he reappears from where Austyn was. The only difference is that Austyn's hair is now long and black. As Sarah stares, Austyn says, "I didn't come back right, did I."


  • This is Sarah's second appearance in the TV series. The first was in The Homework.
  • There is an Easter egg in the theme song. When Austyn is shown as a detective, the words PARIS, FRANCE appear in red behind him. This could mean that he will be in an upcoming Float Island Inc. game that is supposed to take place in Paris.
  • The Negative World is based off of the [1] from Amazing World of Gumball and the negative matter universe from Doctor Who.

More coming soon!

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