The Count Of Darkness
Date of Birth Centries ago...
Gender Male/Genderless
Species Dark Star
Current Status Alive and Well
Main Weapon(s) The Star Specter
Count Bleck???

The "True" Dark Star

First Appearance  ?????
Latest Appearance  ?????

The Count of Darkness (or simply the Dark Count) is a creature that is the "True" dark star and the leader of the clan of dark stars. The count hates mario & luigi for defeating the first dark star and saving the world many times. The Count and shadow team up and rival against each other many times it's unknown if their allies or rivals. The Count's ultimate goal is to control all life with the Star Specter, A mix between the star rods of Super Princess Peach & Paper Mario., With the powerful specter The Count is able to thansform and make enemies super-powerful. 


The Count was the leader of the clan of the dangerous universal beings known as the dark stars, the possible arch-rivals of the dark matter gang,.  Every dark star was wiped out by Zero & Dark Matter and only a blue and red dark star managed to escape along with The Count. Later these dark stars were dubbed The Dark Star And Dark Star X and caused havok in the mushroom kingdom and challenge node. (forward is a re-telling of ML:Bowser's Inside Story Opening)

Before Zero's Attack

The Dark stars were powerful beings that could destroy all life at will without using too much power. they were almost the most powerful clan if it weren't for zero's attack. The dark stars' home planet was completely made out of the darkness that the dark stars build up. 

The Creation of Dark Stars

The Deadly "Smithy" created the dark stars from the dna of the real stars in hopes of finally being able defeat mario and co.(NOTICE: this happens before mario,geno,toadstool/peach,mallow and bowser get to factory). After smithy was defeated, his dark stars were unleashed into space as a smithy's final gift to mario.

The only Dark Star left...

The Count wishs that his people weren't wiped out by Zero and will sometimes team up with kirby to get revenge but it never seems to please because he won't stop till zero and his dark empire are finished! The Count feels like the battle with zero will go on forever. 



Please don't judge my art skills it's only beta.