"The Cooking Mama Rip-Off"
"The Cooking Mama Rip-Off"
Developer(s) N/A
Publisher(s) N/A
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
1 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Simulation, Mini Game
Media Included Digital Distribution

The Cooking Mama Rip-Off" (tentative title) is a cooking simulation game inspired by the Cooking Mama series developed by Office Create with a few additional minigames and features.

The character Trixie Farl, from the Cake Girl Riot series, known for its food-themed motifs, and a few of her other friends and supporting characters, hosts the game, tasks the player in cooking up popular dishes around the world, throughout history, and in popular culture.


"The Cooking Mama Rip-Off" tasks the player in preparing meals by simulating the gestures of cooking, utilizing the Nintendo 3DS touch screen controls.

Each dish is rated by an "F rank, D rank, C rank, B rank, A rank, or an S rank", an "F rank" being a failure and an "S rank" being perfect, on the basis of the player's performance. If the player consistently performs well, they will be rewarded with achievements and unlockables.

Game Modes

"Let's Cook"

"Let's Cook" mode let's the player choose available dishes to cook and prepare under time-trial conditions.

"Story Mode"

"Story Mode" allows the player to create their own character, and own their own cookery-business: a Café, Restaurant or Catering Business as primary starting options, and enters them into a simulation where they run their business, making decisions and cooking food for the table.

This mode is extremely flexible with options and features, and can be a quick, but challenging way to unlock more content, features, meals, and characters.

"Let's Host"

"Let's Host" is featured in "Story Mode". The player selects a menu from a list of pre-initiated courses, or creates a list themselves, consisting of a "Starter", "Main Course", "Dessert", and optional "Drink" and undergoes a time-trailed game, cooking each dish, one after the other, as it corresponds with the respective menu.

This mode can be unlocked through Story Mode.

"Let's Hunt"

"Let's Hunt" is featured in "Story Mode". It is the only mode that doesn't primarily require cooking. The player , as their own customised character, explores the world outside of their business and seeks out "Quests", initially intended for questing out "Quality Ingredients". "Quality Ingredients" can be used in cooking to improve the chances of faster preparation,a higher ranking, and better feedback. This mode can be compared to a Role-Playing Game and cannot be played outside of "Story Mode".


World Cook Book

Name Image? Ingredients Difficulty
Name 250px Ingredients ★☆☆

Pop Culture Cook Book

Name Image? Ingredients Difficulty
Name 250px Ingredients ★☆☆


Name Image? Description Unlockable
Trixie Farl 250px Trixie Farl is a master baker and cook! She owns her own cafe and knows the all the basics to good ol' home cooking. Default Host