#11 Identity Crisis, pt 3
Writer of Episode Cowbeb


“I’ve considered it,” Nathaniel smiled. He raised his flaming hands and pressed one against Harold’s chest, and pressed another against his forehead. It took a moment for Harold to become fully engulfed in flame, but he was too shocked to resist. He stared at Nathaniel for a moment before becoming nothing but a fireball that collapsed on itself.

The fire began to spread. Nathaniel calmly walked through the forest, back toward the daycare, shape-shifting as he did so. He changed into a torrent of water, putting out the fire on his body, then back into Cynn.

But when he emerged from the forest, the daycare was in flames.

By the time the fire had been put out, Jennifer was soot-streaked and burned. Things had gone from strange to stranger in a single afternoon- first, a pair of nuts walked up to her and said that things were about to get ugly and that someone named Harold was going to save her. They seemed kind of befuddled when she gave them a look and walked away.

Then things really did get ugly. Some poor girl staggered into the daycare, crying about how she overheard Harold talking about how he was going to kill her. Then a bunch of guys with torches showed up and threw them at the daycare.

The fire station’s group of blastoise and their hydro cannons had arrived just in time to prevent the whole place from burning to the ground. Cynn arrived back at the daycare shortly afterward.

“Shit,” swore William, soot-stained, disheveled, and apparently in a kind of trance. “Shit. Shit.”

His grandmother stood next to him. She would normally have told him to use more polite language, but she was as horrified as he was.
“Who would do this?” she whispered. “We take care of pokemon. Who would attack us?”

William’s heart sank even further than it already had. The Elite Four must have done this, he thought. They’ve figured out where we’re living, and they’re going to hunt us down and kill us.

He stumbled over to where Jennifer, Cynn (or at least, the creature pretending to be Cynn), and Torren were tending to the survivors of the fire.

“Jennifer,” he muttered. “The Elite Four. They know where we are. They did this.”

“What?” she said, turning around. “No, it was some guy named Harold. Natalie told me.”

“Natalie?” he said.

“This poor girl who Harold had been manipulating. She got here a few minutes before the fire,” Jennifer responded.

“No,” said William. “Are you that naïve? It’s a trick. The Elite Four are trying to make us believe this ‘Natalie’ and take her in. Then she’ll stab us in the back. Where is she, anyway?”

What William had previously believed to be a mass of rags raised its head and revealed that it was in fact a girl, in her teens, with black hair and goggle-like glasses. Her arms had fared rather badly during the fire, and were burned.

Hmm, thought William. Her clothes are torn and burned and she has a few obligatory burns on her arms, but it looks too good. It’s fake. I recognize her, anyway… she was the one who lured Cynn away. She’s obviously working for the Elite Four.

“I’m sorry,” Natalie muttered. “I should have known. I should have known.”

William was unimpressed. He gave her a suspicious look and headed into the remains of the daycare to rescue any survivors that had not yet been found.

Chuck the shuckle was pinned underneath a chair. He was so small that no one had seen him there, and though his shell was protecting him for the time being, it was starting to crack.

Chuck himself was unconscious. William lifted the chair up and picked the poor little guy up.

Chuck mumbled something and wiggled. William tenderly carried the shuckle outside the daycare and laid him next to the other wounded pokemon Jennifer was tending to.

Then William walked over to where Cynn stood, looking out at the forest behind the daycare. Quill sat on Cynn’s shoulder.

“Harold is dead,” said Cynn quietly.

“Harold? Wait, this guy is real?” asked William.

“Yeah. I saw him. He sent his girlfriend to come get me. He tried to kill me, but his charizard turned on him and roasted him to a crist,” Cynn smiled.

“Interesting,” said William emotionlessly. He turned and walked away, leaving Cynn- or rather, Nathaniel- standing at the fence and thinking, thinking, thinking…

Thus ends season 1 of Cynn & Quill!

Tune in next season!

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