The Continuing Adventures of Cynn & Quill
Developer(s) Cobweb
Publisher(s) Logo
Genre(s) Action, drama

The Continuing Adventures of Cynn & Quill is a 2010 series set in the Pokemon world. Aside from several basic elements, it has little to do with the games and cartoon series; it has an entirely new cast of characters, and an entirely new region.
The first episode was released on July 5th, 2010.

Main Cast

  • Cynn is the main protagonist. He is quick-tempered and can be rather cold and harsh sometimes. Angered by the kidnapping of his sister's Slowpoke, he set off on a journey across the region to bring the person responsible to justice.
  • William is the leader of a resistance movement that wishes to defeat the tyrannical Elite Four. He is rarely seen without a zangoose at his side.
  • Jennifer is a trainer who loves ghost-type pokemon. She serves as a friendly rival to Cynn.
  • Nathaniel is a ditto who has disguised himself as a human as part of a plot to infiltrate the Elite Four. He is one of many dittos who are living in human society, pretending to be human. Nathaniel is being blackmailed by William to provide information on the inner workings of the Elite Four.
  • Quill is a cyndaquil that assists Cynn in his journey.
  • James is a zangoose sent by William to keep an eye on Cynn.