The Complete Mario Timeline, is a chronological timeline of the Mario series. It is a product of Wario Inc. However, it is not offical. Not to be confused with the Super Mario (series)/Chronological Timeline created by Locky. It is split into before and after the orignal Super Mario Bros.

BSMB 27-26: Baby Mario

  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are born.
  • The events of Yoshi's Island happen, Baby Mario meets Baby Bowser and Kamek. This creates a lifelong rivalry.
  •  The events of Yoshi's Island DS happen, Baby Mario meets Princess Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Wario, and more.
  • The past part of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time happens.
  • Baby Mario moves to Brooklyn with his brother and parents.

BSMB 15: Rise of Mario

  • Mario has to fight his wild pet Donkey Kong to save his girlfreind Pauline, and the events of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong(Game Boy) happen.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. tried to save his father, and Donkey Kong Jr. happens.
  • Mario becomes a plumber, and alongside his brother, he finds the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario Bros. happens.
  • Donkey Kong strikes again, as the events of Donkey Kong 3 happen. Shortly after, he moves to the Mushroom Kingdom.

BSMB 0-ASMB 3: Return to the Mushroom Kingdom


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