Everyone knows the story of the Mario Bros. before they came to the Mushroom Kingdom. What they don't know is the story of their once best friends Epica and Sarona.

Chapter 1

The childhood of the Colons were filled with happiness, and at this time they met the Marios. As they grew up in Brooklyn, they became closer and closer. By the time they reached their high school years, Epica and Mario began dating. Big mistake! Before their ninth-grade year was up, they had a bitter breakup and she would at regular intervals bully Mario. Finally tired of such by tenth grade, Mario had Epica expelled. Serena, now angry at Mario, continued to stalk him, and even Luigi. She too would be expelled. Now stuck in a school for deliquents, the sisters beleived they hit rock bottom. So distressed they took to their heels, leaving behind their life of luxury and two very worried parents.

Chapter 2

In the outskirts of Brooklyn, the sisters now had no home. Beleiving that they've made a mistake, they turn back. They get in trouble after Epica steals food, and both are chased by the police, narrowly escaping capture. At that, they snuck onto a train and went to Las Angelos. They had come to a rough area, and Epica, realizing that she and Sarona were young and beautiful homeless 15-year-olds, resolved to walk the earth until they found refuge in a high class neighborhood. It is this time that they would pursue the contracting-business, and both would start Colon Builders Inc. They had grown very successful, and five years later, Epica would begin dating Craig. She also found out the what-abouts of the Marios. Both Sarona and Epica couldn't beleive the Mario Plumbing Inc. was just as successful as they were.

Chapter 3

One day, while on a date with Craig, a huge Kritter, by the name of Kalso Rool, swiped Craig. Epica set out to rescue her boyfriend. After tracking Kalso down through many buildings, all of which built by herself and Sarona, she cornered Kalso. After knocking him off and reclaiming Craig, Kalso realizes that Craig is a man (a very pretty, feminine man, but a man nonetheless), and he is very embarassed. Presumably, Epica had sent Kalso back to the island he came from. Craig had soon after broke relations with Epica for Sarona, but this caused problems and Craig was chased away with a rifle. The sisses attention was soon directed at an infestion of rats in their newly built buildings. While cleaning the buildings, Sarona falls into a mysterious warp pipe. Epica, in an attempt to rescue her sister, dives in right after.

Chapter 4

The sisters now find themselves in the Mushroom Kingdom. They hope to find favor with Princess Peach, an friend from infancy, in order to garner a place to stay. It falls apart however, and the sisters once again flee. This time, they go south and come to the Southern Provinces, where they are received by Princess Cackletta and her brother, Prince Ahaz. Epica shows signs of being attracted to Ahaz, much to Sarona's dismay. After they rescue Cackletta, they are given a huge mansion to live in. After said events, the Colons came across the Vela Family, and Durak especially took notice of the young women. During the banquet that the Colons were invited to, Durak would make many unwanted advances on the two, which led to a fight between the Colons and Durak. Durak, angry and lovestruck at the same time, more or less turned his attention to Cackletta.

Chapter 5

By this point, the Colons meet the Marios, and Epica attempts to settle things with Mario. The four go out to dinner together. Mario reveals that Peach is his true love, causing Epica to go into a meltdown. Sarona and Luigi made an attempt to calm her down, but Epica could not be contained. In a notorious scene in the writer's town, Epica delivered an earthshattering, high-impact kick to Mario's groin, causing him to scream. Epica then stormed out, dragging Sarona with her. This had made the Colons enemies to the Marios. four weeks later the newly returned Fawful and Midbus had rejoined with the Colons

to be continued as the games are developed...

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