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The Colin Four Saga is the last saga in the Voidverse series of fan-fictions. It follows the story of Light Persona, Colin Four, and his quest to find out who he is and defeat the evil within the Void. This being the final saga, it brings closure to the 2-year running series by Dk64rules.


Part One: Void Unleashed

Welcome Back . . . with special foreword . . . Released ???

Meeting the Revolution . . . Released ???

Daring Escape . . . Released ???

Facing the Hidden Enemy . . . Released ???

Void Unleashed, Truth Revealed . . . Released ???

Part Two: Final Encounters

Personas of the Past (Part 1) . . . Released ???

Personas of the Past (Part 2) . . . Released ???

Not the Real Enemy . . . Released ???

Zero . . . Released ???

That Final Ending . . . Released ???


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