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The Cave is a Minecraft movie made by Phoenix Fire and is about the truth behind Minecraft.
The Cave
Director Phoenix FIre
Series The Cave
Sequel(s) The Portal


This movie is about a man named Steve. Steve was a curious fellow. He lived in a Village, with all the Villagers. He was the odd one out though, he didn't look like them, think like them, or act like them. Steve was different. There was a cave next to the Village that nobody goes into, because of the "danger". Steve knew of the things that happen at night at the cave. Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Creepers, and Enderman would all come out of the cave at night, since rumours say that they cannot survive during the day so they stay in the cave, which is full of darkness, where they are safe. These horrid creatures attack at night and bang on peoples doors so nobody dares to fight against them. But one day, Steve wanted to see the darkness and horrors of it. So he got his Wooden Sword, Wooden Pickaxe, and Leather Armor, and went towards the cave. The villagers said "Don't enter the cave" Steve replied "I won't...". Steve took the biggest leap ever to the edge of the cave. The villagers said "Goodbye forever". Steve entered the cave, it was quite silent. MORE COMING SOON

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