The Cataclysmic Septenary
Developer(s) Team Blue Star
Publisher(s) Team Blue Star
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) Umbrella/Fighter
 The Cataclysmic Septenary is an umbrella game led by Dark (tbc), helped by Taylor (tbc), Meme (tbc), Alice (tbc), Dyland (tbc), Mega (tbc), and Fandraxono (tbc). It is on of the many new umbrellas announced, and is one of many new collabs announced as well. It is an umbrella fighting game for the Wii U.


The game plays much like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with fighters have 8 attacks. Each character has their own unique moveset and Special Attack added to them, such as Mario, who usually uses Mario-themed items, but now uses fire based attacks instead.



Starting Characters

Picture Name Description Attacks Series
Fire Mario not Fire
Mario The great hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario uses fire powers to attack, due to his Fire Mario attire replacing his normal one.

Close Range: Firebrand

Projectile: Fireball

Jump: Magma Spout

Dive: Flame Tackle

Ground Combo: Pyro Spin

Air Combo: Mario Cannonball

Tactical: Fire Body

Cataclysmic Clash: Fire Blast

Super Mario
Piranha Plant A violent species hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom.  These are only one of many different species of creatures Bowser sends on the plumbers.  They attack mainly by biting, but they may spit fire and walk around by simply hopping.

Close Range: Bite

Projectile: Poison Spit

Jump: Piranha Twist

Dive: Lunging Chomp

Ground Combo: Ivy Whip

Air Combo: Poison Fangs

Tactical: Pot Hide

Cataclysmic Clash: Overgrowth

Super Mario
Pinkie Pie A fun-loving pony who uses confetti, party cannons, and many more party items during battle. She also uses her pet alligator, Gummy.

Close Range: Gummy Chomp

Projectile: Confetti Cannon

Jump: Balloon Pinkie

Dive: Chase

Ground Combo: Gummy Shake

Air Combo: Pop!

Tactical: Cake Assault

Cataclysmic Clash: Mirror Clones

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Everybody do the flop-33499 Dougal Flopguy It's Dougal Flopguy, aka "Everybody Do The Flop" guy! He can do the Flop from up high and down below, plus summon other Flop followers to attack!

Close Range: Flop

Projectile: Follower Flop

Jump: Reverse Flop


Ground Combo:

Air Combo: All Flop Down

Tactical: You Flop

Cataclysmic Clash:

Sonic Randamu Warriors
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic is a hedgehog whose speed is only matched by his massive attitude. He is a fast fighter who uses Chaos Emeralds and Wisps to fight.

Close Range: Ball Spin

Projectile: Ring Toss

Jump: Spring

Slide: Ball

Ground Combo: Sonic Speed

Air Combo: Circle Run

Tactical: Wisp

Cataclysmic Clash: Werehog

Sonic the Hedgehog
Jeff One of Ness' friends from Earthbound.  He is different than the others, using machines and bazookas to attack rather than PSI.  He attacks with bottle rockets, the all mighty bazooka, and a small rifle.

Close Range:




Ground Combo:

Air Combo:


Cataclysmic Clash:

181Ampharos Ampharos Screw Pikachu, there's a better Electric type in town! Being the light Pokémon, he can glow and use various electric attacks. Upon dealing enough damage, he can Mega Evolve into AMPHABULOUS!!!!!!

Close Range: Thunderpunch

Projectile: Discharge

Jump: Quick Attack

Slide: Volt Tackle

Ground Combo: Static

Air Combo: Thundershock

Tactical: Lock On

Cataclysmic Clash: Mega Evolve

KMA Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Expecting Bandanna Dee? Too bad! Waddle Dee is an interesting character, using Parasols, Beams and Spears to attack. Let's not forget his trademark walk!

Close Range: Doo Beam

Projectile: Spear

Jump: Parasol

Slide: Walk

Ground Combo: Hammer

Air Combo: Bronto Burt

Tactical: Helper

Cataclysmic Clash: Waddle Army

Mrs Brown Mrs. Brown Agnes Brown, better known as Mrs. Brown, is an Irish mother of five. She attacks mostly with swearing, especially Ireland-esque swear words. She can also summon her children. She is played by a guy! *le gasp*

Close Range: That's Nice

Projectile: Swearing

Jump: Mary Cannon

Slide: Trip

Ground Combo: Anger Management

Air Combo: Christmas Tree

Tactical: Winnie

Cataclysmic Clash: Mrs. Brown's Boys (And Girl)

Mrs. Brown's Boys
Animat Animat A local movie reviewer on the website, Youtube. Animat uses attacks based on his reviews and "Epic Mickey Files", such as Paint and Thinner, Luxo Jr, and his Cataclysmic Clash, Toothless The Dragon.

Close Range:




Ground Combo:

Air Combo:


Cataclysmic Clash:


Secret Characters

Picture Name Description Attacks Series Unlock By:
200px-Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Green Mario Of course it's just a green Mario! He has no personality that makes him any different from our hero in red...right? Anyways, Green Mario attacks using thunder based attacks such as the Thunder Hand, as well as a trusty hammer. He fills the role of the more casual Mario type with his moves.

Close Range: Thunder Hand

Projectile: Polterpup

Jump: Poltergust Rocket

Dive: Ultra Hammer

Ground Combo: Hammer 

Air Combo: Thunder Strike

Tactical: Poltergust Elements

Cataclysmic Clash: Becoming His Own Character

Super Mario Win as Mario 22 times.
Kraid Is Ridley too small?  Don't worry, Kraid will save the day!  He stays on either side of the battlefield and can slash with his claws.  He can also fire spikes from his belly.  Because of his immense size, he sometimes has to be in the foreground!  His weakness is his own head, which has a small brain...

Close Range:




Ground Combo:

Air Combo:


Cataclysmic Clash:

Metroid Win 25 fights against Samus
260Mega Swampert
Mega Swampert HOENN CONFIRMED.  Mega Swampert is a bigger, bulkier version of Swampert.  He attacks with his enormous size and can use Waterfall, Earthquake, Avalanche, and Superpower. LOOK AT HIM HE'S SO STRONG.

Close Range:




Ground Combo:

Air Combo:


Cataclysmic Clash:

Pokémon TBA
Pink Gold Peach Mario Kart Pink Gold Peach They call her Pink Gold Peach! You might not know about her, but she's a princess who loves nothing more than speeding in her customizable kart. She attacks with items from Mario Kart, as well as her Metal Minions.

Close Range: Red Bronze Toad

Projectile: Red Shell

Jump: Glider

Dive: Mushroom

Ground Combo: Metal Minions

Air Combo: Anti-Gravity

Tactical: Kart Customization

Cataclysmic Clash: Blue Shell

Super Mario Win 75 times
ShadowSonic Not Sonic Hey look! It's Not Sonic! I mean, there is so much evidence to prove that he isn't Sonic, that it's practically a fact that he's not Sonic! He attacks by..... not being Sonic! 

Close Range: Not a Ball Spin

Projectile: Not a Ring

Jump: Not a Spring

Dive: Not a Ball

Ground Combo: Not Sonic Speed

Air Combo: Not Circle Run

Tactical: Not Wisp

Cataclysmic Clash:Not Werehog

Sonic Fandom Lose against Sonic 50 times. 
MASKEDMAN Claus the Mighty A mysterious warrior, Claus attacks by using his arm cannon, and is the lieutenant of PGP's army. He also can transform into a Goomy. Close Range:




Ground Combo:

Air Combo:


Cataclysmic Clash:

Fantendo Community Win 100 Battles



Image Name Description Series
Super-smash-bros-for-wii-u-wuhu-island Wuhu Island The famous island where Mii Sports Resort and various other Mii games take place! There are lots of activities here, such as hangliding, kart racing, swordfighting, cycling, boating, flying planes and jogging. Of course, these act as stage hazards. The stage scrolls to different areas, including the volcano! Nintendo
Nintendo Land Plaza Nintendo Land Welcome to Nintendo Land, home to many Nintendo themed attractions! This stage borrows elements from other Nintendo stages, such as platforming, sports and hordes of enemies. There are lots of Miis here to spectate the fights. Violent little creatures, those Miis. Nintendo
MTO- Waluigi Pinball Waluigi Pinball It's Waluigi Pinball!  The fighters are in the pinball arena itself and attempt to avoid pinballs and jump over bumpers.  Sometimes the slot machine will run and bring upon either items, torture, or even racers! Mario



Trailers & Announcements

There have been a few directs and trailers advertising this game. Here are a list of all of them in chronological order:

  • Hammicon June
  • A trailer was released on June 22nd, revealing that Animat is a playable character with a mixed moveset based on his many reviews.
  • An upcoming trailer will confirm six characters, along with two stages.

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