The Carptenter Brothers are three characters Created by Legend.

The Carpenter Brothers
Current Age Richie: 25

Tom: 24 Bob: 22

Date of Birth All: March 17
Gender All: Male
Location New York City
Current Status All: HP: 30
Class Class 3 Heroes
Family and Relations
Susie: Friend of the Three Brothers
Main Weapon(s) Saw, Screw-driver , Hammer
Ability/ies Jumping, Speed Formation, Power Formation, Flight Formation
Vulnerable To Anything (There Humans)
Voice Actor(s)
Lee Eric Etchisen: All
First Appearance The Carpenter Brothers

The Brothers

Richie: The oldest of the brothers, he is the strongest and the fatest of the three

Tom: The second oldest, he's the skinniest of the three and also the fastest

Bob: The tallest and the youngest, He also can fly while they are in the game world


The Carpenter Brothers were carpenters who lived in new york city. They got a call from the Sir Games alot arcade to come and make a Arcade Cabnit out of wood for Spike's Escape. They answerd the call and while working they got hit on the head with a 8-ball. They were in a lot of pain when they steped on a Magic wand and warped into Mystic Journey, a video game in the Arcade. They then fell on a magic broom and the broom was startled and flew around like crazy. Meanwhile, a girl names susie was about to be captured by minions when the broom crashed on the minions and the three brothers got off. Susie thanked the brothers after they got stable and told them that the old hero of the game left for vacation and they need to help her defeat the evil queen zhara (Z-ara). Confused and slightly scared. The three brothers set off to stop Zhara