The California Chronicles: Destruction's Warped State is a Series Swap Day entry by APIM Group, Inc. It is commonly known as a pseudo-sequel or an alternate timeline of the California Chronicles series, due to the fact that the characters look slightly to extremely different and follows up to the first game without taking account of the sequel.

It will be available for the currently-titled APIM Hanabi, which will also have games like Mario Tennis: Golden Grand Slam and A Fairy's Tale.


The prologue directly follows up the ending of the first game. Dr. Destruction's laboratory has been destroyed and Dr. Destruction is assumed dead. The monstrous cyborg, however, survived the battle he just lost, and the destruction of his lab. It would cost him time to recreate the mess into a new lab. So, he decided to start immediately with the reconstruction before planning anything else.

After three months, Destruction Labs is finished. Being an obviously tall building, Dr. Destruction is surprised no one in Los Angeles noticed anything about his new laboratory. He decided to ignore that fact and thinks about a manner to rid Dennis before he plans on taking over the world. He decided to make something that would make a freeze gun to turn Dennis in a block of ice. This was done in a half day. However, it turned out he actually made something different without noticing. Something better...

It is yet another three months later in Sacramento. Dennis was doing his usual routine when he noticed something different. The skyscrapers look bent over, the sidewalk is made of ice, strange green creatures with polkadots are passing the street instead of cars, and it is incredibly hot. With his friend Isaiah, Dennis ran to the Mayor of Sacramento for explanation, but the greedy old turtle doesn't know what's going on either. That is, until an old nemesis shows up out of nowhere, after a half year...

Rest coming soon


  • Dennis - The Protagonist of the game. Can he save California again?
  • Isaiah - Dennis' best friend.
  • Emma - ???
  • Connery - ???
  • The Mayor of Sacramento - A grumpy old anthropomorphic turtle who is exactly what he is: the mayor of Sacramento, the Californian capital.
  • Dr. Destruction - Dennis' nemesis. He's a cyborg scientist monster who desires to take over the world. He was thought to be destroyed in the first game, but he seems to survive the whole event.
  • MoZana - A female-like robot created by Dr. Destruction to antagonize Dennis and thwart his actions. She does follow his orders, but after a while...
  • The City Council of Sacramento - What the name says. It's a group of councilmen that rule Sacramento along with the Mayor.

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