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The Burger King
The Burger King, mascot of the Burger King franchise.
Full Name The Burger King
Date of Birth 2003-2011, 2015-
Gender Male
Location Varies
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Vulnerable To McDonald's
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Super Duper Smash Bros.
Latest Appearance Super Duper Smash Bros. Melee

The Burger King, or also known by the name of The Sneak King, is the mascot of the fast food franchise of "Burger King". He makes an appearance as an upcoming character for Super Duper Smash Bros. Melee

He recurring as a unlockable character. Even though that he is not Nintendo he steps into the battle to take on the champs in the next Fingerface Co. video game.


The Burger King made his first debut in 1955 as a small animated character then later made it on Burger King commercials to promote the company's business globally. Soon they released many games with The Burger King as the main character, such as Sneak King, Burger King then quit using The Burger King mascot in 2011 because kids got scared of their mascot and parents complained.

Later Burger King revived the mascot in 2015 for unknown reasons.


The Burger King's current appearance, he wears a Kings' cloak with the letters BK small in the front. Then he wears a Crown that also spells out the letters Burger King. The Burger King has long red hair and a beard to symbolize himself as a king.

Game Appearances

Super Duper Smash Bros.

In this Fingerface Co. game, The Burger King makes an appearance as an Assist Trophy on the game. His main attack is varied. He could be throwing Whoppers or items off the menu at the opponent.

Super Duper Smash Bros. Melee

In this game created by Fingerface Co., The Burger King takes on the Nintendo Stars as he is a unlockable fighter.

Mascot Battle Brawl

In this game created by Fingerface Co., The Burger King fights for mascot glory as a starter character.