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The Brotherhood of Gagmier
Publisher(s) Black Diamond Fiction
Genre(s) Spy/Fantasy/Adventure
Age Rating(s)
The Brotherhood of Gagmier (originally titled Fantendo Silence: The Brotherhood of Gagmier) is a story by Indi555, and the first cronological appearence of the villain Johnathon Hades within Fantendo-based works. The story was first conceived as a fan-game prequel to JesseRoo's long-abandoned fan project Fantendo Silence, but as its father project whithered and died, so did its offspring. The concept lay dormant for a long while before being completely revamped as part of Indi555's Project Phoenix initiative. The fan game elements were completely dropped, turning it into an original story, with only a few traces of fan fiction. Some elements of the story also came from the (also canceled) The Evil Brotherhood, which was an unfinished part of the Fantendo Silence companion project Fantendo Silence: Beyond. Very few allusions are made to other Fantendo fictions, as this details the origins and character motivations of the Fantendo version of Hades before he became aware of the existance of other worlds and the greater Fantendoverse. However, brief mentions are made of both Shocking and The Mysterious Mr. ?, both of which were also original creations by Indi555. The story also acts as a precursor of sorts to the also revamped The Beginning of the End.

The main purpose behind the fiction is to flesh out the character that is Johnathon Hades, who has been watered down into a simply genarically evil villain by the countless cross-overs on the site, eliminating both his threat and true motivations.



The boy made no answer. He simply sat before the fire, tongue sticking slightly out of his mouth as he scribbled feverishly at the scroll before him. A single bead of sweat rolled down his rather large nose, perching upon its tip before plummeting to the ground, leaving a wet blotch upon the parchment. He had wavy black hair, pale blue eyes, and the olive skin that was typical of his region. He was lost in his own world, a world of physics and calculations far beyond this time, for this was a time when the Gods and Goddesses of Mt. Olympus walked the earth, long before their poer faded and the world moved on.

"Gagmier?" she asked again, this time slightly louder. Her voice was stern yet kind, and her hazel eyes sparkled with a hard light. Her hands were on the hips of her robe, and her long black hair was spilling behind her in a fan.

This time he looked up, startled from his reverie by her sudden appearence at the door. "Yes, teacher?" he asked. His eyes were innocent then, containing not a shadow of the souless black orbs they would become. They were the eyes of a young boy, intelligent far beyond his age, yet still naive.

"I believe that's enough for tonight, Gagmier," she said, and she jerked her head towards the door. "You should be getting home, now."

"But teacher," he protested, getting to his sandaled feet, clutching the scroll in one hand. "I think I've discovered something here. Something far beyond any of our previous suspicions-"

"I'm sure you have, Gagmier, the way you've been studying those charts and documents. I couldn't hear a sound from in here. I thought you'd died."

Gagmier looked at her, slightly puzzled, before realizing that his teacher had attempted one of her rare and invariably insipid jokes. He smiled, getting up.

"I really want to show you this, teacher," he said.

"Another time. It is late, and you must be getting home." She turned and walked out the door, and her pupil sprinted after her.

"But teacher-" he began, only to be cut off by her sharp voice.

"No buts," she said. "We ae finished tonight."

They left the building in silence, stepping out into the cool night air, feeling their sandals slap on the hard cobblestone streets of the great city that was Athens. She strode purposefully ahead, Gagmier lagging slightly behind, head down. A short while later, he loooked up, eyes upturned to the endless expanse of the blacvkheavens above him, stars glistening like shining gems set into a curtain of night.

"Why must we do it, teacher?" he asked, his voice quiet. The teacher stopped, turned, eyebrow raised, taken aback by the slight hint of deeply uncharacteristic bitterness in her student's voice.

"Do what?" she asked.

"Honor the gods," he said, and he lowered his head again. They began to walk again, passing the stone buildings all around them, towards the city center, where Gagmier lived. "I mean, what have they ever done for us? They kill us, they demand out fealty, and they do nothing to deserve it. They are power-hungry gluttons upon Olympus's great thrones, warring amongst us, warring amongst themselves. And yet, we still pledge our unwavering allegience to them. Why?"

She was silent for a long time, and for a while the boy thought she wasn't going to answer. Finally, she sighed. "Some things, Gagmier, are better left unquestioned, no matter how absurd they seem."

A slight fervor rose in his voice, and when he spoke, his voice was suprised with a venom that suprised even him. "But why?" she spat, stopping. "What have they ever donw for you? For me? For any of us?"

To the boy's suprise, she whirled around, the back of her hand hitting him hard across the cheek. He looked at her with unbelieving eyes, raising his own hand to the place where she had struck him. Something snapped in that moment- a tie of love, snipped by fate's inexorable shears. A single tear shimmered in his eye, and then it was gone. Then, in that one moment, a moment that would, perhaps, alter the fate of the entire universe, all the love and respect that he had for his teacher washed away. His face hardened, and he outstepped her, striding quickly down the street, towards his home, his teacher looking sadly after him.

She knew what the boy said was true, but she couldn't allow him to put himself at such risk. The Gods hated rebellion, and rebellion was what his attitude promised. She loved Gagmier, not just as a student, but as a friend. She couldn't allow him to die due to his hot-headedness.

She was tempted to call after him, to run, to cry for him to come back, but she pushed those feelings away. She simply stood, watching him fade into the night.

She only saw Gagmier once more after that night, and that was the night he killed her.

She looked up from the scroll she had been studying, sure she had heard some sort of noise from the antechamber. "Hello?" she asked tentatively, getting to her feet. "I'm sorry, the shop is closed."

He stepped into the study then, features thrown into stark, shadowy relief by the crackling fire. "Good evening," he said, his voice hard, emotionless. His handsome features were sharp and chisled, his wavy black hair long. There was something undeniably familiar about this midnight caller, though she could not pinpoint where she had seen him before. His eyes were hard granite marbles, inscrutible. There was something frightening about those eyes, that she could not deny. They were the eyes of a man that had cut all ties with the world, and now lived only for himself.

"Who are you?" she asked, and was disgusted to hear a slight tremble in her voice. "We're closed. Go home."

A thin smirk graced his thin lips. "Have you really forgotten me?" he asked, grim amusement, tinged with just the slightest sorrow, in his voice. "How heartbreaking. For I could never forget you... teacher."

"Gagmier," she whispered, and she dropped the scroll. She had seen it before, but she had unconciously blocked it out. How could this statue be the young, curious boy she had once knew? It was impossible. But yet... she knew it was he.

"Your eyes," she said quietly, and he was pleased to hear the sorrow and regret in her voice. "They're... they're..."

"Never mind my eyes, teacher," he sneered. "The boy you knew is dead. You killed him that night, three years ago."

"I tried to find you..." she said, her head down. Tears shone in her eyes. "I was sorry..."

"I know," he spat, his composure breaking. How? she wondered, could this cold, calous being be the same student that she had taught? "I didn't want your meager apologies. While you were here, running your little magic shop, I was traveling abroad, finding a way to complete my goal."

"And what's that?" she asked.

"Asension," he said. "To rise to the level of the Gods and destroy them. To take their place."

"You're insane," she said. "There's no way. You'll be slaughtered."

"No," he said quietly. "No, I won't be." His voice was lined with an underlying layer of anger. "No, you never had faith in me, did you?"

She opened her mouth to say something else, but her cut her off. "Do you remember, that night, I told you I had something to show you? A breakthrough? Well, I followed that hypothesis, researching, and I discovered a power far beyond my wildest dreams. There is a natural Balance that rules over this universe, preserved by the eternal warring of two forces, Chaos and Order. Both possess infinite power, and both can be exploited if the correct knowledge is at hand."

She started to interupt, but his palm shot out, pointing towards her. He uttered some arcane word, a gutteral growling noise, and she literally exploded. Blood spattered the walls, the floor, even him. He was panting, grinning sickly. "I loved you, once," he whispered. "But you betrayed me. And now you've paid the price."

He went to her remains quickly, and withdrew a crytal phial. He collected as much of the red liquid as he could before stoppering the bottle and standing up. He strode purposefully towards a thin black curtain at the back of the room, and he threw it aside. He stepped into a bare stone circular chamber, and with another word, the torches blazed to life. This, he remembered, had been the site of so many long-gone lessons. This was where he had first learned the rudimentary fundementals of magic. It was a fitting place for his glorious ascension to take place.

He stepped into the very center of the room before uncorking the phial and letting hte blood flow down upon the hard grey stones. He whispered strange words, concentrating immensely as the blood flowed in thin lines across the floor, forming a circle around him, filled with strange and alien runes. Beads of sweat stood out on his forehead. He knew full well what the consequences of the slightest miscalculation, the tiniest misstep, would be, for he was treading in a land far beyond where a mortal such as himself was permitted to enter. Death would be merciful compared to what would happen to him if something went wrong.

Suddenly, black and purple flame sprung up, flowing over all of the runes, and he stepped back quickly, outside of the circle. The conflagaration grew larger, seeming to consume the air itself yet never leaving hte circle. High, piercing, laughter filled the chamber, but Gagmier fought his hardest to ignore it. Within the stygian blaze, a shadowy figure began to take shape, rising out of the ground. It had the sillouette of a very tall, very thin man, but it of course wasn't.

It was from this terrible apparition the laugh emerged, and it turned to face Gagmier. He could see its red eyes glowing within the fire, could barely discern a crooked yellow grin.

You wish to master Chaos? whispered a high, grating voice in the back of his mind. Mortal fool, you forget your place, for I am the master of destruction, the pinacle of discord. And yet you still attempt to wrest my power from me?

"Not your power," he gasped, exerting all his willpower to keep the flames within the circle. "No, I am not so foolish as to seek that. No, not your power. You."

With a strangled yell, and an excruciating outward blast of mentle energy, he both saw and felt a part of the infinite force within the flame detatch itself from the whole, and the being within laughed and screamed at the same time.

Do not entertain any grandiose notions of having bested me, it whispered. You win because I want you to win. If you had tryed this same little experiment with my brother, you mightn't have been so lucky. Farewell. And do me a favor, will ya? Screw as many people over as ya can. 'K? See ya. Adios.

Gagmir niether heard nor understood this last part, but he watched in fascination and elation as the hunched and twisted figure dissapated from within the fire, seeming to fold in upon itself. Black smoke poured from the place where it had been, towards Gagmier, and he closed his eyes, breathing the hellish fumes in. He felt himself grow slightly taller, felt his chest harden into a solid slab of muscle. He grimaced as two sharp volcanoes of pain erupted upon his back, and two batlike wings unfurled, ripping his robe. His figernails turned black, sharpened, hardened, lengthed. His felt the hair fall away from his scalp, felt his teeth sharpen, his tongue split in half. Two curling hrons burst forth from his head, hardening, becoming longer.

He opened his eyes, slowly, and they were no longer the light, pale blue they had once been but black pits, each with a small redish glow at their centers. He saw that his skin had turned a metallic red color, and he smiled as he felt the immense surge of power rise up within him, far beyond anything he had possessed as a human sorceror. Far beyondf that of the Gods. It was the power of Chaos within him.

The reign of Gagmier had begun.

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