The Bowser Show
Bowser Show
The Logo of The Bowser Show
Producer(s) Clover TV
Distributor(s) Cartoon Network
Broadcaster(s) US: Cartoon Network
Type Animation
Genre(s) Comedy
First Air Date(s)
US: May 24 2012
Last Air Date(s)
US: ???
Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English
Season(s) 1
Episodes 20
Runtime 13 minutes an episode
Status Still Airing

The Bowser Show is an American animated comedy series created by Clover TV. It is the only Mario-related media that has Bowser as the main focus. It stars Bowser, voiced by Frank Welker, and his hilarious misadventures to do things such as defeat Mario, just for example. It has premiered on Cartoon Network on May 24th.

Main Characters

Image Name Description
Paper Bowser Bowser The main Protagonist of the show, Bowser is a large obese creature that is leader of an entire Koopa Troop. His main desire in life is to defeat Mario and take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Just behind that, he wants to become a better villain than his rival, Ganondorf.
Download (6) Pete A Koopa commander that is Bowser's best friend (and pretty much only friend), Pete is always trying to give Bowser advice to help him defeat Mario, which is always ignored. Pete hates his job as a Koopa solider, and can’t stand Rihanna.
Mario Mario speaks with an Italian accent and can jump really high. In this series, he has an addiction to mushrooms and doesn't really care about the princess' safety from Bowser. He only cares about the reward money she gives him after rescuing her.
Goomba Bro. Charlie and Bob A bumbling Goomba and a Hammer Bro, Charlie and Bob are always trying to impress Bowser so he can give them a raise. However, Bowser can't even remember their names.
250px-Ganondorf Artwork (Ocarina of Time) Ganondorf Bowser's arch rival. He is one million times more competent than Bowser, and actually has successfully taken over Hyrule, which Bowser still fails to do with the Mushroom Kingdom.
Petey Piranha NSMBVR Petey Piranha Bowser's pet Piranha Plant. Petey loves eating and wears a bathing suit all the time for some reason.
Wario NSMBDIY Wario Wario is a man just as obese as Bowser that owns the villain's country club
Waluigi2 Waluigi Waluigi is he other owner of the villains country club, he is best friends with Wario.
King K. Rool King K. Rool King K. Rool is the fattest crocodile in the history of fat crocodiles, his Kremling army doesn't respect him because he's so fat. He's even fatter than Bowser, and that's saying something.
DKMP8 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is a monkey that wears a tie for some reason, he is the leader of the DK tribe that live in DK Island. King Kong of Skull Island appears to be a relative of his in this series.
Diddy 2 Diddy Kong DK's best friend and nephew.


Season 1

# Name Description
1 Enter The Koopa A Goomba tells Bowser he thinks the reason he can't defeat Mario is because he's too fat. Bowser, enraged by this, decides he's tired of being fat and decides to lose some weight. Bowser gets exercise, and eats more vegetables (much to his chagrin), and finally loses the weight. But he decides all the troops are too fat as well, and forces them to exercise against their will.
2 Will Run For Coins Bowser and Pete are watching TV and see a show depicting people pretending to be hobos to get some spare cash. Bowser decides that this could be a good way to get some money. Pete warns Bowser that this isn't a good idea, but Bowser ignores him. Bowser and Pete disguise themselves as hobos. But they don't know that they chose to do it in the bad side of town, and the people there hate hobos. The hobo-hating thugs attack Bowser and Pete. Can they escape before they get beaten up?
3 Petey Piranha Rampage After Bowser forgets Pete's birthday for the 22nd time, Pete goes insane and starts destroying the castle.
4 The Hyruler Ganondorf, Bowser's much more successful rival, arrives in The Mushroom Kingdom, and Bowser is upset about it. Ganondorf makes a deal with Bowser that whoever kills Mario first, will rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Of course, both fail at doing so.
5 JAWS The night before Bowser and Pete are to go to the beach, they watch Jaws: The Revenge, and Bowser is terrified of it. Pete tells Bowser: "It's ridiculous to be afraid of what is considered one of the worst movies of all time". Later, at the beach, Bowser is still fearful that Jaws will attack, and Pete tries to get rid of Bowser's fear. But, Jaws turns out to be real (and can breathe fire and walk on land for no reason), and rampages through the beach. Bowser and Pete have to stop him.
6 Piranha Pains Bowser gets a pet Petey Piranha, much to the terror of everyone else at the castle.
7 Insane Babysitting Bowser and Pete decide to start a babysitting service to get some money. But when they are assigned to babysit Toad Town's brattiest child, they are in a world of pain. They discover that if she doesn't get her chocolate milk, she goes insane and viciously beats up Bowser and Pete. Bowser goes to get more chocolate milk, and leaves Pete to watch the girl. She beats up Pete, and Bowser returns and gets beaten up. In the end, Bowser and Pete end up in the hospital covered in bandages. But then, the bratty girl is brought in with them so she can watch them.
8 My Little Yoshi Outraged about how everyone is slacking off to watch My Little Yoshi: Friendship is Magic (that and it's very overrated, as Bowser says), Bowser decides to get My Little Yoshi cancelled. In the end, the Yoshis beat up Bowser and force him to become a Broshi as punishment.
9 Spider-Koopa Bowser gets bit by a radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Koopa. Ignoring Pete's lecture telling him "with great power comes great responsibility", Bowser uses his spider powers to get what he wants. He uses his powers to steal a lollipop from a baby, trip old ladies, and trap Mario in a web. But when the town has had enough of Spider-Koopar's antics, they call upon Iron Luigi, to get rid of Spider-Bowser. Pete has to save Spider-Koopa by becoming Batpete.
10 Driver's Ed While driving to the bowling alley to go bowling with Pete, Bowser is pulled over by a police officer, who discovers that Bowser was driving his Chevy Tahoe SUV without a driver's license. Bowser is then forced to do a driver's test to get his driver's license. This is easier said than done, however, considering Bowser is plain terrible at driving.
11 The Son Of Kong '12 Bowser and Pete go camping in a jungle, but discover they have unknowingly stumbled into Kong territory, led by Donkey Kong. For a while, they treat the duo like royalty, but when Bowser accidentally burns down the DK shrine, Donkey Kong calls in his distant relative, King Kong, to beat them up. In the end, they get chased out by King Kong, and Bowser and Pete drive away screaming.
12 The Sasquash Bowser hears a news report about sightings of the elusive creature Big Butt, a creature with a really big butt, and the enormous amount of reward money for the one who catches it. Bowser is up for the task, and takes Pete with him to find Big Butt.
13 AHHHHHHHHHH Pete is a laid back Koopa, but when Bowser has to go on a business trip in Dreamland, Pete has to babysit Bowser's 13 kids, the Koopalings. In this episode, they consist of Lavora, Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, Jackson, Larry, Bowser Jr., Harley, Tim, and Risen.
14 Lounging Kremling Tired of being ridiculed by his Kremling minions for being extremely fat, King K. Rool goes to Bowser's Castle to crash there until he can get his self-esteem back. At first, Bowser is happy to help a fellow villain out. But soon, he discovers that K. Rool is beginning to take advantage of him. So, he and Pete have to think of a plan to get King K. Rool to leave.
15 McMushroom's When Bowser forgets to pay the electric bill at the castle, he and Pete are forced to get jobs at McMushroom's to make some money to pay the electric bill. The problem is, Mario is their boss.
16 Car-Toon When Bowser find his car destroyed, he sets out on a quest to figure out who did it. His suspects: Abraham Lincoln, Mario, Batman, Santa Claus, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. Bowser has to find out who did it.
17 Inspiration Bowser tries to create a revolutionary invention, but he realizes its not easy when every idea he comes up with has already been invented.
18 FLIP THIS CASTL! Bowser and Pete decide they had enough of their old, run-down castle, which has cracks everywhere, and leaks, and man-eating ant-eaters infesting the castle. So, they go on the show "Flip this Castle", a show where they give old, run-down castles a makeover.
19 Shadow Mario Bowser suspects Mario might be a killer after he hears a description of a killer matching Mario's description.
20 That One Episode With A Long And Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish To Remember Season Finale
Bowser has had it with Mario for constantly graffiti-tagging Bowser's castle, so he decides to destroy him once and for all. Obviously, he fails again.

Season Two

# Name Description
21 Bowser's Mom Pete discovers the one thing Bowser truly fears is his mother. His mom was a jerk to him. To make matters worse, his mom is coming for a visit. Pete has to get Bowser to stand up to his mom.
22 The Rihanna Episode Celebrity Rihanna arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom for her latest concert, and Bowser discovers Pete hates Rihanna so much. Bowser is determined to find out why. Bowser finds out that it's because Rihanna is an evil demon that bullied Pete in his childhood. He and Bowser discover Rihanna is secretly mind controls people to do her bidding using her singing. Bowser and Pete manage to break the townsfolk free, but Rihanna grows 100 feet tall and tries to kill Bowser and Pete, seeking revenge. Now it's up to Bowser and Pete to stop Giant Rihanna once and for all.
23 Prank Wars Tired of Mario constantly pranking them, Bowser and Pete decide to come up with the ultimate prank to get back at Mario. Will they succeed?
24 The Spell The people in Toad Town are starting to act like chickens. They are crowing at the rising sun, pecking the ground, and laying eggs. It's up to Bowser and Pete to go on a detective case to find out why.
25 The Russia Episode Charlie and Bob prank call the president of Russia. The president of Russia thinks they are foreign invaders who plan to destroy their country, so he calls their troops to go to the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Charlie and Bob. So, Bowser and Pete are forced to go on a mission in Russia to rescue them by disguising themselves as Russians.
26 I'm not green Bowser and Pete watch episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, while Bowser rants about how they made him green, which he is not.
27 Mechamus Prime Bowser orders a giant robot off the Internet so he can destroy Mario's house, but it doesn't come with batteries. Now, Bowser has to find find some, as it turns out he himself has no batteries and all the local stores are out of the right batteries.
28 A Bowser Christmas Special Christmas Special
It's Christmas Time in Toad Town, and Bowser has a huge grudge against Santa because he gave him coal when he was a young Koopa. But when mutant snowmen attack the town, Bowser is forced to put aside his grudge and team up with Santa Claus (voiced by Bill Murray) and Pete to stop the snowman invasion.
29 The Video Bowser discovers the ultimate opportunity to humiliate Mario. He and Pete decide to take some footage of him while he's satisfying his secret addiction to mushrooms. Bowser uploads the video onto the Internet and it becomes a viral hit, gaining 10,000,000 views overnight. Mario finds out about the sensation and angrily vows to kill Bowser. After collecting a Mega Mushroom, Mario rampages through Bowser's castle, and is about to kill Bowser, but Mario shrinks back to his normal size after the Mega Mushroom wears off. This gives Bowser enough time to call the cops before Mario can kill him. The cops arrive and arrest Mario. Bowser and Pete then go off to clean up the destruction Mario caused in the castle.
30 A New Princess After Princess Peach finally snaps and flips out at Bowser for always kidnapping her, Bowser decides he doesn't need Peach anymore and decides to try to find another princess to kidnap. Pete and Bowser search the Internet for hot princesses to kidnap and they come across one called Princess Zelda. But what he doesn't know is that unlike Peach, Zelda can actually defend herself from being kidnapped.
31 Wreck it Ralph This centers around Bowser's cameo appearance in Wreck it Ralph. Bowser meets Ralph and is excited, hoping to be his sidekick in the film. However, when Bowser discovers he has no real role in the film, he takes it upon himself to get more screen time.

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