The Bob-Omb Squad is the fifth episode and a follow-up to the episode Loveshack, Baby! of Super Mario. It aired on 13th April, 2015. This episode features Eric Prydz's song Pjanoo.


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King Bob-Omb has Rievoah and Toad locked up with their grey sticky-tape over their mouths and their hands tied behind their back with cloth. One of the Bob-ombs ask what they are going to do with the Toads, and King Bob-Omb says that he will get his new "pet" to "feed upon them". When the Bob-ombs cannot be seen, Rievoah manages to break free and lossens Toad too. She says that they will have to find a way out quickly before something bad happens.

Mario and Mini Bowser set off to stop King Bob-Omb and rescue the Toads. Tiarer and Berinda "force" Mario to let them come and Toadette is asked to help along with Toadokay. Bowser says that King Bob-Omb is a trickster and that they should be careful.

As the two Toads progress down the hideout, they find a dark room with spotlights. They notice a big door with three locks. There are three rooms around the area and the Toads suspect one would be in each room.

Meanwhile, Mario, Mini Bowser, Toadette, Toadokay, Tiarer and Berinda climb up the mountain. Tiarer tells the group a true story about when she had her first boyfriend, and that she dumped him because he got her in far too much trouble, and that she doesn't want Rievoah to end up the same, as she is a troublemaker herself.

Meanwhile, Rievoah finds two of the keys, but sees some Bob-ombs chasing Toad as he stole the third. Rievoah tells Toad to open the door quickly and lock it from the outside. The plan is a success, but the Bob-ombs decide to go a warn their leader. As the Toads escape the area and get on the garden, Rievoah smiles at Toad, Toad looks confused until Rievoah throws her arms around him, she is about to kiss him, but a Bob-omb notices them, so they make a move.

Rievoah runs off and gets Toad to follow her. Rievoah gets Toad to follow her up to a cliff where they see Mini Stars forming a big star. The two Toads sit down, with their feet hanging below the cliff (which causes Toad to be a bit scared). Rievoah attempts to kiss Toad once more until they are seen by King Bob-Omb. Toad tries to run off, but is caught by him. Rievoah is unsure what to do and tries to jump over the king, but he catches her too.

The six find the fort and Mario tries to stop the king, but he locks the door on them. Suddenly, Toadette gets out a portable item trader and contacts Lemon asking to gove them a power up. Rosalina uses it to give them a Bomb Shroom which Mario and Toadette use to blow down the door.

As they storm in, they spot King Bob-Omb unleashing Naval Piranha. Toadokay says it looks like Pyranur, but Mario calls a Yoshi, with Yoshi shocked at Naval's appearance. Toadette throws a bomb at the Piranha, hurting it, but it then swipes Toadette, causing her to lose her powerup. Mario also loses his when he and Yoshi are attacked.

Tiarer and Berinda then sneak up behind Naval and pull its weakpoint. Naval then collapses on top of King Bob-Omb. The other Bob-ombs, who have Toad and Rievoah, drop them and hide in the basement. Tiarer and Berinda run up to Rievoah and hug her and Toad. Toadette and Toadokay also come towards them. Yoshi calls his relatives and gets everyone to escape before the two baddies get back up.

As the Toads get off the Yoshis and are reunited with their parents, they continue the party without the Bob-ombs. Rievoah and Toad sneak into a private room and Rievoah even finally gets to kiss Toad, but they notice that Bowser was watching them.

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