The Blazing Elite is a colab group created by SuperSonicDarkness (tbc). It is essentially a group of friends who make games and go on chat together. It is inspired by The King's Legion group made by Fandro (who is a founding member of the team.) 

Current Members

Image Name Description
Dark Blazing Elite Dark (tbc) A calm guy who likes to crack jokes and hang out with his friends, Dark is the founder and unnoficial leader of the team. He hates feeling left out, and thus is usually very welcoming. 
Fandro Blazing Elite Ethan (tbc) A guy that hates himself for picking Fandro as his username.  Makes games on teddy bears and enjoys blowing up the chat room when not noticed.  Adds a little bit of touch to most things he makes.
Doh Blazing Elite Doh (tbc) (To Be Added by Doh)
White Blazing Elites White (tbc) (To Be Added by White)
TBA Taylor (tbc) (To Be Added by Taylor)
TBA Scratch (tbc) (To Be Added by Scratch)

Former Members

None So Far

Voting For New Members

User Supports Opposes
  • Dark
  • Fandro
None So Far

Requirements for Joining

  • Don't beg us to add you, or you probably won't be accepted.
  • We will vote on if we want you in the team or not, similarly to The King's Legion. If all (or at least a majority) of the members approve you, you can join. 
  • We won't be accepting new members 24/7. We will let you know if we aren't or if we are accepting new members. 

Games Made By The Team


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