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Old Friends Bullet

"The Blackout" written by Exotoro

The Blackout is the third episode in Fantendo the Animated Series: The Next Generation. It was written by series creator Exotoro.

This episode follows Unten, Britt, Rachel, Helen, and Alysa as they deal with a blackout.


The episode begins with Unten, Rachel, Alysa, and Sona eating breakfast. Rachel grabs Sona to take her to school, and Alysa talks to Unten about other things that happened during his five year absence, namely that SuperScratchKat moved with Rachel and Britt to Eastpine, but has not been seen in a year.

The show cuts to 6:00 where Alysa helps Sona with homework as the lights go off. Sona is happy that she doesn't have to do homework, but Alysa and Rachel don't seem so pleased about it. Unten, Rachel, and Alysa head outside with a couple of flash lights and meet Britt and Helen outside. Rachel and Britt tell Alysa and Helen to head back inside with the kid while they go with Unten to figure out what the problem is by the power plant.

In the power plant, they head inside where they find bodies laying around, still breathing, but clearly knocked out by a external force that wasn't electrocution. As they hear something crawl around, Rachel is grabbed, with her mysteriously vanishing.

As Unten and Britt head deeper in the power plant, they find a bunch of lit candles and a couple of mushed marshmellows. They watch as a man in a red uniform feeds a marshmellow to something they can't quite make out in the shadows, believing it to be a monster.

Unten attempts to attack from afar using his cyborg arm, but he comes to the disappointing conclusion he doesn't have one anymore. The monster notices him and from the shadows, grabs him. Britt is left alone and heads towards the man in the red uniform, asking who he is. The man says his name isn't important, as he is not someone she would know. But now that she is hazily aware of his existence, she must be taken too. As he says this, the monsters attempts to grab her, but a quick kick of her armored legs knocks him back towards the light of a candle, revealing that it is ScratchKat.

Britt runs over to the generator and turns it back on. She wakes up ScratchKat, who explains that he was grabbed by that man and was being brainwashed. Sadly, he doesn't seem to know anything. They find the bodies of Unten and Rachel and head back to home.

In the end credit tag, ScratchKat says he's a bit disappointed that his OTP of Rachel x Britt didn't happen, but he says he "got close." Rachel rolls her eyes and pours her self a glass of beer.

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