The Black Tiger is one of the 6 antagonists of Shy Guy's Land


The Black Tiger might sound like a tiger or something like that, instead it is a giant spider three times the size of a human being, how it is unnatural in size is unknown, but it is shown to be the mother of all the spiders in Mildew Cave, where it has an army of oversized spiders being the minions, Baby Spiders the size of a human's foot as a regular enemy, and adult spiders that are the size of a fully grown human as a more uncommon type of more guard like soldier of the Black Tiger's Army of her children.


The Black Tiger is a spider three times the size of a fully grown human, its jaws are as big as a human's legs, and its head is as big as a cow, its black in color with a gray head, with a matching colored abdomemn with dark stripes running around the back, and has gold colored stripes on the shin area of its legs.


Though it technically would sound bizarre, the Black Tiger actually has a great sense of intelligence, where she can command her spider army to do every bidding, and in orderly ways too. It uses its high intellect to know how to lure her victims by leading them to her lair.


Lionel comes across the spider enemies all throughout Mildew Cavern in chapter 5, the penultimate chapter of the story, where he meets up across all kinds of oversized spiders, Baby Spiders that swarm him like a mob of soldiers charging in on a battlefield, adult spiders using sneaky tactics to attack him when he least expects it, but when Lionel looks for Alan the Bob-Omb in the caverns he comes across a huge open basin at the end of the cavern with an opening leading to daylight, Lionel finds Alan tied in spider silk on the floor, when Lionel tries to free him the Black Tiger crawls from a crevice in the cave, where Lionel realizes he just wandered into her lair. Lionel luckily found a shotgun that had a few bullets still loaded in where he tries to kill the arachnid horror and the last bullet then finally kills the Black Tiger, causing it to become just a mass of legs, blown off abdomemn, and a bunch of spider ooze, with the last of her Baby Spiders to charge at Lionel where Lionel quickly frees Alan and climbs out of the hole leading to the surface.

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