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After transforming.

The Big Reopening of Café Mew Mew is the first chapter in the Nintendo Gamecube game Tokyo Mew Mew: Chimera Quest.

Ichigo and Mint are the only action characters in this mission, even though the Lettuce, Pudding and Zakuro actually appear in the café. Kisshu, Ryou, Keiichiro, Masaya, Moe, Miwa and other characters appear aswell, including Chimera Animals, the enemies, and a giant Chimera Panda as the mini-boss of this chapter.

The chapter is the start of the whole storyline, including Masaya getting kidnapped and the first battles.

This also is a tutorial.


Ichigo 002

Ichigo in her school uniform.

Ichigo Momomiya, a girl from Tokyo, was running to school when suddenly, Kisshu Ikisatashi appeared and threteaned Ichigo to attack her and her friends. Ichigo was worried and then ran to school, where she met Moe and Miwa, who combined with Ichigo to go to the Red Data Animal Exposition, like she did with Masaya.

When they met in the train to go to the RDA, and the train driver couldn't control the train, Ichigo and the other passengers had nothing to do but jump before the train crashed. This is the first mini-game in the game and it is unlocked further in the game when you ride the train for the second time.

Ichigo, Moe and Miwa then go to the RDA on foot. After they watch some animals, a Chimera Parrot emerges and destroys the RDA roof. The security tells everyone to go out, but as Ichigo starts to run, the Mew Pendant falls from her pocket. Ichigo then goes on the bathroom and transforms.

The player then has to battle the Chimera Parrot. The only available attacks are: Nyanails, Strawberry Combination and Neko Stomp.

After the battle Ichigo (in her normal form) goes to Café Mew Mew where she finds Mint, Lettuce, Pudding and Zakuro cleaning and working the café hoping to reopen it soon.

The Café cleaning is another of many mini-games in this game and is actually unlocked in this moment.

Ryou and Keiichiro call the Mew Mews and says Kisshu has infected some animals in the city and turned them into Chimera Animals, Ichigo interrupts by telling she fought one earlier.

Mint joins Ichigo in fighting the Chimera Animal through the city, such as turtles, mice, dogs, birds, another parrot and a rare pink bear that can be found just at the corner of the street where there is a guy whistling.

In the train station Ichigo and Mint meet Kisshu again and there was a panda next to them. Kisshu infects the Panda, threatens the Mew Mews and leaves, now Ichigo and Mint have to beat the mini-boss: The Chimera Panda.


The dish cleaning mini-game complete.

The player has to use Ribbon Strawberry Check to beat this one. After beating Masha swallows it and pick up Masaya, who turned out to be a fake.

When they tell the news to the other Mew Mews, Pudding ends up breaking all the dishes she was carrying. The player enters a mini-game where they play as Lettuce to clean the broken dishes, unlocked later when the player serves 100 dishes at Café Mew Mew. After the dishes are clean, Pudding ends up destroying the pile of broken dish pieces, thus ending this chapter.


  • It isn't shown how did the café reopened, but in the end of the chapter, it was open to the public already.
  • The first dish Ichigo serves in this chapter is counted in the score, the others aren't.
  • This is the only chapter where a Mew Mew transforms twice (Ichigo).
  • The chapter actually makes it look like Masaya is kidnapped until the end of the game, but in the next chapter, Lettuce Not Get Sick Too, he is alright.

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