The sacred Beast of Darktendo (or The sacred Beast, The Beast of Darktendo or just The Beast) is a huge hairy beast who must guard Darktendoverse. He may not be killed, since, if this happens, the world it's in will collapse, because it was cursed. It appears to debut in the fanfic Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!


Our guardian was in the ancient times a simple unknown animal, small in size. He lost his way in the paths of Darktendo and ended up at a strange sacred place. There, he met a guy. This guy was the latest guardian that time. The guy was hard in need for a retirement, so it told it's whole story, and asked the animal to take over. Of course, it said yes. The guy gave all his powers to the animal. The animal became a huge powerful beast. But the poor guy died. The beast made a tombstone and buried the body.

Few years later, the beast met an evil spirit while guarding the place. The spirit casted a spell to the beast's brain, making him hungry and couldn't take it. after that, the beast ate the spirit (don't ask why, but it somehow happened). This was a bad choice, since it's evil grew. Because of that, the beast went to a village near Darktendo and was about to eat a whole house with children inside. The beast somehow learned that he need to eat a person with a shiny heart, as he roared that seven times in a row. That offer is needed to suppress his hunger and fade away the evilness. People didn't know that, since they had too much haste to run away to understand his shouts. A brave hero then showed up, and battled him at the beast's place. He has beat him, but he didn't kill the beast, since he knows what then happened. Instead, it uses a song to let him sleep. The beast slept for ages and ages.

Debut appearance

In Fantendo Heroes UNITE!!!, Professor E. Vil Oldton made the beast awake as a mission of the Enemy. The beast got hunger again, but was calmer this time. Oldton brought Pesh and Pashie, since he thought that they had a shiny heart. The beast didn't feel anything, so they weren't the right ones. Oldton sent them away and brought Luz instead. The beast ate him, but need to wait until it cannot live anymore, then the wanted things begin. Eventually, the beast went to a stroll as he saw the whole gang. He managed to eat Peanut Jon, but he sneezed bot Peanut Jon and Luz out.

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