The Babylon Five, otherwise known as the The Prodigal Thieves, were a group of five Babylonians consisting of Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, Storm the Albatross, Hurricane the Eagle and Tempest the Raven. Several years before the start of Sonic Riders, the last five descendants of the Babylon Rogues formed a five-man thief group, aiming to rediscover the ancient civilisation of their ancestors, and more importantly the "Magic Carpet" Extreme Gear, using their stolen goods as a source of income to continue living their way of life. In the end, Hurricane and Tempest left due to their own reasons, while Jet, Wave and Storm became the Babylon Rogues.


Jet the Hawk

Jet the Hawk is a green anthropomorphic hawk, the leader of the Babylon Rogues, and is often nicknamed the "Legendary Wind Master" due to his mastery of Extreme Gear. He's Sonic's most potent rival in Sonic Riders, and he uses a Type-J board that allows him to reach high speeds. Jet also possesses a mysterious "control box", passed down from his ancestors, that is said to awaken the fabled Babylon Garden. Only the power of the Chaos Emeralds can activate its fabled power.

Ever since their first encounter, Jet has been trying to top Sonic in many ways. By the end of the story, Jet and Sonic become friendly rivals.

Jet advances to the Final of the EX World Grand Prix and unfairly wins after Wave detonates an explosive placed on the bottom of Sonic's board near the end of the race. Again, he races against Sonic after Dr. Eggman steals the control box in order to steal the ancient treasure of Babylon. This time, he is defeated fairly. Sonic, who got the box from Eggman, willingly hands it to Jet, as he is not intending to use it.

At the doors of the Babylonian Fortress, Jet, Wave, and Storm awaken and are confronted by the Babylon Guardian, a large purple genie hawk, and only succeed in defeating it with the help of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. They then discover the fabled Babylonian Treasure to be the ancient Extreme Gear "Magic Carpet". Jet quotes "This gear was invented to allow Babylonians to travel all over the world to gather treasure."

Jet and Sonic finally decide to be more friendly to each other. Jet concedes to the fact that Sonic is faster than him. However, this doesn't make him want to beat Sonic even less than he wanted in the beginning.

Some fans believe Jet to be modeled after Bean the Dynamite from Sonic the Fighters, and in some cases, people even mistook Jet to be Bean. Nintendo Power magazine played a joke on this fact by giving an image of Jet a caption reading; "Bean? Is that you, Bean? Oh! How we've missed you!".

Jet is 15 years old, stands at the same height as Sonic and Shadow (100 cm) and weighs 33 kilograms - two kilograms fewer than Sonic or Shadow. He is also shown as very narcissistic. He likes himself, and dislikes anyone faster or more confident than himself. Jet's original name was intended to be "Wind"[1].


  • Sneeze: Jet basically sneezes directly in his opponents face to catch them off guard, distracting them and slowing them down considerably.
  • Bashyo Fan Attack: By using one or both of his Bashyo fans, Jet can take a direct swipe at his enemies, inflicting damage and, with enough power, stopping them in their tracks.

Wave the Swallow

Wave the Swallow (initially called "Web the Sparrow" by fans due to translation errors) is a purple anthropomorphic swallow, the Babylon Rogues' resident technical genius, and a bit of a trash-talker. She is 18 years old, and is 110 cm (3'7") [2]. She's the daughter of the tech expert of the Rogues' previous generation, and her knowledge of Extreme Gear far surpasses that of Tails and Dr. Eggman. Because of this knowledge, she is brimming with self-confidence; and as a result she "gives advice understandable to herself but not to others",[2] However, she still considers Tails and Eggman to be worthy mechanical opponents (although she hates to admit it).

Wave has a purple-feathered body with flame-shaped highlights of a darker purple shade on her arms, a smoother but jagged golden yellow beak with two nostril pits, blue eyes with pink eyelids, two spikes of feathers behind her head that contour, flare out towards the bottom almost to the ground and are tipped in a darker shade of purple, a tufted patch of down feathers on her chest and two scissor-shaped feathers tipped in a darker shade of purple to serve as a tail. She wears white gloves with red-accented, sock-like cuffs fastened with tan hoops, red boots with white accents, a zipper application, durable gray heel soles, sunglasses with exaggerated lenses of gold color, white flare trousers with violet flame accents on the bottom of both legs, a white tube top, a necklace complimented by a large, spherical red gem (a personal device capable of performances from loading data and projecting it to acting as a personal alarm clock and playing back media files), a white bandana that is fastened in a Doo Rag style and, seemingly, pink eyeliner.

In the EX World Grand Prix, she beats Amy Rose at Splash Canyon, but is knocked out of the tournament by Tails at Green Cave. Wave uses a Type-W airboard, which is specially designed to fly well.

Wave is something of a voice of reason amongst the Rogues, often reminding Jet and Storm of their responsibilities. Wave has something of a rivalry with Tails, in which she scorns the way he made Sonic's Extreme Gear, calls him "Shorty" a number of times, and also "a twerp" in one of her mission reports, though this diminishes by the end of the game. She also partakes in picking on Storm, with one such instance being criticizing his skills on Extreme Gear.

Wave often will not admit when someone has skills, as noted in some of her mission reports, where either she will say that she will continue to deny a person's skill(s) or she will flat-out deny that they have skill(s). She also believes that if she doesn't take charge, nothing will ever get done, due to the fact that Jet was relaxing when she was worried about where Storm was.

The Japanese manual for Sonic Riders hints that something of a rivalry exists between her and Rouge the Bat. In addition, her profile at "Sonic Channel" states that she likes treasure and mechanical knowledge, and dislikes people of low intelligence.


  • Scowl: Wave basically scowls directly into her adversary's face, causing damage and great slow-down.
  • Wrench/Spanner: Wave strikes her enemies with her giant wrench/spanner tool, inflicting damage and slow-down on the enemy.
  • Dynamite: Wave places a lit pack of dynamite on her adversary, causing damage and stalling when it detonates.

Storm the Albatross

Storm the Albatross is a hulking, anthropomorphic albatross and Jet's right hand man. Standing at a height of 140 cm (4ft 7in) and weighing 80kg (176.3lbs), Storm is an imposing sight and powerful force, capable of destroying just about anything. He is 19 years old. Despite being committed to his duties, Storm has a quick temper and his clumsiness constantly causes humiliation not just in himself but in the other Rogues as well. He also tends to stutter whenever he becomes excited or distressed. He is a rival of Knuckles the Echidna. He also makes a brief appence in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a collectable sticker.

Storm has a gray-feathered, bulky and lean body with flame-shaped highlights of a darker shade of gray on his wrists, a jagged golden yellow beak with two nostril pits, beady blue eyes with black sclera surrounding them and red bordering at the edges, three erected spiked feathers jutting out from the back of his head of a darker shade of gray, a very large portion of his torso and abdomen covered by an area of tufted white down feathers that extend to his back and a small, slightly hunched set of dark grey feathers that serve as Storm's tail. He wears tan gloves with large, sock-like cuffs fastened with a dark gray hoop made of metal, black sneakers with accented white and yellow stripes reinforced by durable gray rubber soles, white socks, small beige goggles with clear lenses, a necklace of tribal design (three pieces of gray metal attached to two brown threads) and a neon pink ring on one of his fingers that allows him to manipulate gravity.

During the EX World Grand Prix, Storm loses to Knuckles at the location "Egg Factory". This defeat is compounded by the fact that just before the match they both tried to fight each other (even though they both end up hitting one of Eggman's race robots during the struggle). Later, under orders from Jet, Storm discovers a page of Dr. Eggman's diary stating that Eggman had deceived the Rogues into believing the treasure within the Babylonian Fortress was a gem.

Storm uses Type-S Extreme Gear, which is capable of keeping balance when smashing through obstacles. However, he seems to be the least skilled of the Rogues, partly because Knuckles easily knocks him off his board in the introduction; in the Babylon Rogues story, he falls off his board when meeting Jet and Wave after stealing Eggman's diary entry.

Storm is very loyal to Jet, and believes his loyalty is greater than anyone else's. Because of this, he is always ready for an assignment. He also tends to become destructive when Jet is angry. Storm's profile on "Sonic Channel" actually lists pancakes as one of his "favorite things". He dislikes new rivals to the Rogues.


  • Hand Clap: Storm claps both of his huge hands in his opponents' faces in order to shock an opponent, stall them and inflict damage.
  • Hand Slap: Storm uses his hands to punch opponents away from him, knocking them off balance and inflicting damage and slowdown.
  • Hammer Punch: Storm follows through with a powerful punch upon unsuspecting opponents, stunning them and causing damage and considerable slow-down.

Hurricane the Eagle

Hurricane the Eagle is an anthropomorphic Eagle and a close friend of Wave the Swallow. Hurricane stands slightly taller than Wave, and evidentally weighs several pounds more. He is 23 years old, making him the eldest of the Babylon Five. Hurricane is often calm, cool and relaxed, although he can be a bit of a hothead at times and doesn't take kindly to people who don't listen to him or are otherwise ignorant. He was a good friend to Wave while they were part of the Babylonian Five and developed a romantic relationship, but was cut short when Hurricane left the group for his own lifestyle, travelling around the world and becoming a street-fighter to earn his keep instead of stealing from the innocent (to his mind, while people still ended up becoming hurt, at least he enjoyed himself whilst doing so). A year later, he caught on about the Extreme Gear World Tour championships, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet his old friends. During the Extreme Gear World Tour, he is the rival of Summers, despite both parties being very welcoming towards each other - even to the extent that they both agree not to not pull any punches or to attack one another. The two seem to get along very well due to the fact that none of them know how to work an Extreme Gear very well; Hurricane does know how to operate one expertly, but just forgot due to him being out of touch with the Gear for some time; Summers is a technological dunce and only learns how to use Extreme Gear after Sonic's snowboarding lessons.

Hurricane has a pure white head with a spiked fringe and two narrow curtains on his forehead, with three long quills pointing forwards. The back of his head is lined with a series of feathers, similar to Jet's, but shorter and having a blue, three-pronged design in contrast to Jet's dark green strips. His eyes are a bright sky blue matching the tips of his feathers that miss the highlights visible in the Rogues' eyes. His body is light brown not dissimilar to the American bald-headed eagle. Like the others, he has a flame pattern on his wrists of white colouring, but are unnoticeable underneath the extended collars of his white leather gloves. Around the wrist part of the gloves sit blue braces, which allow him to manipulate the wind around him. He wears either a black tank top or black T-shirt, and graces a black pair of jeans to match. Fastened at the back and down the sides of the jeans are two belt-straps that cross over each other at the waist and across the thigh of the leggings. Hurricane also wears a big pair of New Rocks - a type of boot that have a thicker and leniently designed sole with holes or other partitions extending across them - allowing wind to pass through them, improving Hurricane's aerodynamics. These boots are covered in a silver, spider-web design at the top which is fastened in place by two steel buckles. The front, back and sides of the sole have steel plates screwed on for extra impact.

During the Extreme Gear World Tour Championship, Hurricane and Summers face off in the Quarter Finals, but the race ends up with no victor; Summers' board malfunctioned and exploded, causing major injuries to the racer, which leads to Hurricane dropping from the race to help Summers until medical staff arrived. After the tournament, Hurricane decided to take up Extreme Gear more seriously than before, but his way, again parting ways with the Babylon Rogues allowing him to live his life his way.

Hurricane uses Type-A Extreme Gear, which allows him to give his board a temporary speed boost, while at the same time projecting a huge blast of air from the perimeter of his board, knocking his opponents away or even making them turn in the wrong direction. The only problem with this is that Hurricane couldn't remember how to use his board properly, and it wasn't until the third preliminary race that he figured out how to use his Extreme Gear to its fullest. The only problem with this board is that its power can't be used in quick succession, and has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Hurricane is always considered a friendly person, befriending Summers even before their preliminary races, and has so much respect for him that he doesn't use his board's ability during their quarter-final race. He had also shown a romantic interest of Wave the Swallow, but he knew that it wouldn't work out, and thus is why he had no hesitation in leaving the Babylon Five.


  • High Pressure: Generates a huge amount of air in the board and then expels at a huge pressure, knocking the opponents away and sometimes causing them to turn in the wrong direction. Also gives off a boost in speed.
  • Tornado: Hurricane does a 360 spin which hits anyone within range, causing damage and slowdown.


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