The Awesome Austin show! is a Cartoon Network show by Awesome Austin

Story Edit

The show is about a user named Awsome Austin living in fantendoville where many other users live at,And Austin,Legendaryice and Ransomfrog go on random big adventures for no reason whatsoever.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Title card Name Desc.
Da first episode or somethin Austin Creates his new Cartoon show
Austin Aproved! Austin starts A Rating systum for Games
Titlecard 3
Legendary Ice Is Legendary Anti-Austin tries to destroy Austin,So Austin must Call over his freind Legendaryice to stop him
Gotta Publish Them All! Ash Kechtem Accidently thinks Austin is a Pokemon so Ash catches him and sends him to the latest Pokemon tourment
Spider Austin Austin Suddenly has the powers of a Spider.
The Deep Blue Sea Austin and Legendaryice go to the beach,And Austin is scared of the water!But when Legendaryice Suddenly sinks into the water,It's up to Austin to swim in the water and find him!
Titlecard 7
The Shocking New Pet Austin gets a new pet Pikachu,And decides to name him jereth.
Titlecard 8
The FRog Who Is Random RandomFrog Joins the gang!
Titlecard 9
Start a Band or somethin Austin,Lagendaryice and Random Frog start a band!
Titlecard 10
Understin The U.tale characters come to life!,and it's up to Austin,Legendaryice,Randomfrog and frisk put a end to it!

Season 2 Edit

Titlecard Name Desc.
Austin's Random Party Austin throws a random party.
Haunted Hijinks Austin,Legendaryice and Randomfrog go to spend a night in a hotel,But little do they know it's (Gulp) Haunted!
Titlecard 13
Spring of Things Austin,Legendaryice and Randomfrog Springclean their house,But when all the dirt comes alive,They must fight back.
Spy's Duty Austin,Legendaryice and Randomfrog Become spys and spy on Anti-Austin
The Airport Due to a heavy snow storm,Austin,Randomfrog,Legendaryice and The other pasangers are forced to stay at the airport for the rest of the night.
Mermaid cloak Austin gets a magic cloak wich turns anyone whos wearing it into a mermaid.
Austin's Date Austin goes on a date,And he gets advice from Randomfrog and Legendaryice
Scarethon Austin,Randomfrog and Legendaryice become secerity guards at a horror attraction,but when the animatronic comes to life,They must servive the night. (this Ep. is a parody of FNAF 3)
Titlecard 19
Splatstin Austin,Legendaryice,And Randomfrog somehow get coded into a Splatoon match.
The Tanners vs Austin PT 1 The Tanners Move to Fantendoville,and when Austin,Randomfrog And Legendaryice see them,They think there evil and they both have a toltal war fighting eachother.

Season 3 Edit

titlecard Name Desc.
The Tanners VS Austin PT 2 The tanners Shape Shift into the ultimate TAN-STER
Toy Trouble Randomfrog Starts a toy Making compety,But when the toys come to life,The gang must defeat all the toys and shut down the compety.
There's no sitting in Baby-Sitting. Austin must Baby-Sit twins Milcko and Malcko.
8-Bitstin Austin,Legendaryice and Randomfrog somehow get transported into a Mario Game
2016 BABY! Austin and his friends have a New Years Party.
NIGHT Austin watches a Scary movie and now he can't go to sleep!
Mission:Austpossible Austin startsrunning out of ideas for his show,And thinks on cancelling it! It's up to Randomfrog and Legendaryice to find new Ideas for new Episodes!
Karatestin Austin Starts taking karate lessons.
austin fucking kills himself austin accidentley hills himself on purpose

Reception Edit

The show got lots of likes but also a few dislikes.