The Awakened Giant is an antagonist of Shy Guy's Land


The Awakened Giant is shown as a 25 foot tall man with pale skin. He only is shown wearing large reddish brown cloth fabric around his waist and a rope with skulls tied like a belt, he has shackles around his arms, which one of them has a remainder of the chain still hanging left, he has a long gray beard and is shown having yellowish tint in his eyes.


The Awakened Giant has that he is a stereotypical thing with most other giants in rpgs, being very aggressive and powerful, but lacks much intelligence, he is shown careless for anything alive or dead, as he attacks a ghostly dog even though he can't kill it.


The Awakened Giant was encountered in Chapter 6-2, in the Deserted Desert, after Lionel finds a note left by a True Eye member says that they have "some kind of Gargantuan broken from its shackles", which Lionel eventually comes across a bunch of True Eye members tugging a rope to bring something through a gate, which the Giant emerges and kills all the cult members, after which Lionel is then forced to battle the Giant, Lionel however just tries to evade from the creature, soon Spoopy the Polterpup from Chapter 2-2, comes along, which the Giant is then left distracted and tries to attack Spoopy as he can't kill him as Spoopy is a ghost, then Lionel tries to have Spoopy lure the Giant into a trap plan, where there is a giant cliff falling into a cavern near where the Giant was released, so Lionel calls to Spoopy to lead the Giant to him, and Lionel stands in front of the cliff and lures the Giant as then the Giant charges at Lionel and soon Lionel slides out of the way in between the Giant's legs and the beast falls into the giant cavern to his demise.


The Awakened Giant's design is an inspiration of Ndesu from Resident Evil 5.

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