Developer(s) Inora
Publisher(s) Marvel Entertainment
Platform(s) The V²
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) 3D Action-Adventure
He's Amazing. He's Spectacular. He's Astonishing.

The Astonishing Spider-Man is a 2017 3D Action-Adventure game developed by Inora for the The V² as part of Earth-625, the Marvel Gaming Universe, following The Avengers and proceeding The Extraordinary X-Men. Being published near the time Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to released, it's a tie-in of sorts to the film but follows it's own original plotline.

The Astonishing Spider-Man follows Peter Parker, who is a brilliant 16 year-old who has secretly been a superpowered vigilante named Spider-Man for a few months now. Both hated and loved by the people of New York, Spider-Man is forced into a deadly fight against the menacing and terrifying Jack O' Lantern who holds connections to his past. While battling Jack and his minions who have formed the "Sinister Six", he also encounters other vigilantes like Black Cat and Prowler.

A spiritual successor to Inora's Spider-Man: Webslinger, the game takes it's title from a comic book of the same name but is mostly unrelated to that book, taking inspiration primarily from Spidey's long history in comic books as well as the various Spider-Man games that have been released.

Story Mode

Volume 1: Made to Astonish

Volume 2: What Goes Around, Comes Around

Volume 3: Carry On

Volume 4: Past Fast

Volume 5: Up the Water Spout

Volume 6: Your Highness

Volume 7: Light the Lantern

Volume 8: Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six


The Astonishing Spider-Man is a 3D action-adventure game played from the third person perspective. Players can control both Peter Parker and his alter ego, Spider-Man, who both have unique gameplay styles and abilities to accomplish the task at hand while sharing the basic controls.

Spider-Man is the main action of the game, as he can use various abilities, like web swinging to get around fast, and has fast paced combat that resembles a simplified version of Batman: Arkham with a focus on dodging, speed, and utilizing your powers. In addition, he can also collect Spider-Points from his opponents or find them scattered around to buy upgrades to his stats and new moves in the menu.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker has a more "adventure" side to his gameplay. He can't roam around as quickly or easily or he'll be outed as Spider-Man, so you'll need to use your car (which controls similarly to Grand Theft Auto, without the vehicular combat, of course) or the subway to get around. In addition, you won't be fighting but instead solving puzzles and using stealth to retrieve information or finish a job. While you have no "powers", you can talk to people without alerting attention and use a camera to take pictures for the goal or sell them to J. Jonah Jameson for extra cash, depending on their quality/subject matter.

Both the characters share a few aspects besides the basics, both being able to explore the open world New York City of the game. Returning in a form resembling the Spider-Man 2 game, there's less of a focus on size and more of a focus on accuracy and detail, the player being able to enter almost every building with Spidey/Peter. There are a number of important places that can be visited (shops to buy items, the Daily Bugle, your house, etc.) and you'll need to explore around through various ways to find collectibles and access the main missions that progress the story or the side missions which are for prizes.

The game features an extensive multiplayer mode with various customizable options and both couch and online access. After picking one of the characters, you can play Spider Race, Web Warzone, and Token Tussle. Spider Race will have up to 4 (couch) or 8 (online) players racing through an obstacle course, Web Warzone has up to 4 (couch) to 16 (online) players trying to be last man standing in New York City, and Token Tussle has up to 4 players racing to collect the most Web Tokens on the map before the time runs out.

As with Webslinger, the game is compatible with most amiibo, but has new amiibo specifically made for the game this time around. Like in Webslinger, they'll have a special effect on your web. There's also an extras section (read the items section for more info).







Upgrades & Abilities










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