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The Arts of Doodleland

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The Arts of Doodleland are six mythical studies. Each is divided into it's section, and most are easily differential. However, they share the goal of living forever, and each art has their own way of doing it.

The Arts

Sun-based Arts

The so-called Sun-based Arts reflect the fact that most of the leaders in each category are part of the Dragon Castle Milta, a organization based off the Goddess the Sun (Suinera) and was founded by Draco C. There are three in this section: Magic, Science, and Alchemy.


Magic is primarily based off the act of using wands and magical powers. Humans (Blockthrals sub species), Orcs, and Rabbits as whole are extremely knowledgeable in this subject. The main leader of Magic is the White Mage, who first debuted in Doodleland 6.


Science is more based off theories and research than anything else. Humans (Animesque sub species), Squidsentients, and Parasmiters are highly knowledgeable in this subject. The supposed dead leader is Draco C, founder of Dragon Castle, who first debuted in Little Big Doodleland 3.


Alchemy is based off turning lead into gold or other valuble minerals, although has broadened it's approach to make the quest for eternal life plausible. Humans (Narthspeech sub species), Shoehorns, and to some extent, Stick Firgures are well-known in this subject. The leader is Alyssa Smeeshell, a female shoehorn who made several breakthroughs of the subject. She has not debuted yet.

Moon-based Arts


Darkwork is a very tough art to master, and uses black magic as a main focus. Only Grimms and some gods have been able to master this. The leader is The Dark Scribble, otherwise known as Dealth, is the known leader of Darkwork. He debuted as a villian in Little Big Doodleland 3, but has been around since Doodleland began.


Operation is a art based off mis-use of medical treatment. Otherwise, not much is known about the most obscure art of Doodleland. Only a small group of Shoehorn Negatives have been able to master this. The leader is The Operator, is the known leader of Operation. He has yet to debut.




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