The Arena Of Superstars is a game for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. This game is property of Luigibros2 INC. so please only edit with my permission.


The story of the game shows Kirby and Meta Knight heading to an arena that Dedede fled to after atempting to steal the Star rod and Meta Knights Ship. After getting there The Meta Knights and Dedede's army broke out in to a fight untill a void opend in the center and shot out a Black ball that said all must fight one on one to see who is the strongets and so the story begings.

Default Characters

  • Kirby
  • King Dedede
  • Meta Knight
  • Waddle Dee
  • Sword Knight
  • Blade Knight
  • Knuckle Joe

Secret Character

  • Mr.Tick Tock-Complet Story Mode with any character
  • Shadow Kirby-Beat Story mode as Kirby
  • Paint Roller-Beat Story mode as King Dedede
  • Dark Meta Knight-Beat Story mode as Meta Knight
  • Waddle Doo-Beat Story made as Waddle Dee
  • Mr.Bright-Beat Story mode as Sword Knight
  • Mr.Shine-Beat Story mode as Blade Knight
  • Bonkers-Beat Story mode as Knuckle Joe
  • Buggzy-Beat Story mode as all default characters
  • Rick-Beat the Dream Land team in Ultimate Brawl
  • Bandana Dee-Beat the Dedede Team in Ultimate Brawl
  • The Meta Knights-Beat the Hailberd Crew team in Ultimate Brawl
  • Lololo & Lalala-Beat the High Score on the Kirby Avalanch Mini-Game.
  • Wispy Woods Jr.-Beat the Wispy Woods Boss Fight

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