'The Apprentice 'Commeth is a game by Bomb Productions Games. It is part of Fantendo Origins, so only ML, Indi555, and 1337doom can edit. It stars The Apprentice. Each of the chapters in the story are named after lyrics of the "themesong" of The Apprentice at the time. Chapters that have a * in front of them go back to where the prologue took place and are not The Apprentice telling the story.



"Well, we're trapped here..." said Metal Locked, pacing as the other users followed him. Yes, it was true, they would be in the Dumbtendoverse for quite a long time... Or so it seemed...

"Need help, huh?" asked The Apprentice, suddenly appearing in front of ML.

"Why would we need help from you?" asked JesseRoo.

"Because I'm the only one who can stop The Enemy..." said The Apprentice.

"But I thought he was your master..." said 1337.

"He was never my master..." said The Apprentice, his head tilted downwards, "Nobody can control me... Or, at least that's how it used to be..."

"What do you mean?" asked ML, intrigued.

"I'll tell you what I mean..." said The Apprentice, his eyes suddenly and quickly flashing purple, then back to their blood red state.

Chapter 1: On Holiday

(Theme: Holiday - Green Day) (Time: Approx. 3 years according to YoshiEgg Nook, 4 years according to The Fan, 2 actual years ago.) (Place: Dumbtendoverse Outskirts.)

"We need to get our message out there, Gnarled..." said The Apprentice, his eyes a deep shade of purple.

Gnarled nodded solemnly and the grey bird that slightly resembled The Fan knocked twice on Gnarled's arm with his beak.

"Then it's settled." said The Apprentice, "We find the Internet tomorrow. Let's sleep on it."

Gnarled nodded again and the grey bird tweeted a low, grumbled "squawk".

The Apprentice layed down on a raggedy blanket (Considering they were currently in a cave.) and put his hood over his head as his purple eyes closed. Gnarled planted his dirty, root-like feet firmly on the ground and fell asleep standing up. The grey bird waltzed over to Gnarled's dry, leafless branches and burrowed itself deep inside to slumber.

Chapter 2: Days When I Still Felt Alive

(Theme: Adam's Song - Blink 182) (Time: Approx. the same time as previous chapter, but 1 day after at 4:37 in the morning.) (Place: Dumbtendoverse Outskirts, later World Wide Web.)

It was the next day and it was extremely early in the morning. The Apprentice, and slowly trudging behind, Gnarled, ran across an empty plain under a pitch black sky lacking stars and any light whatsoever. The Apprentice's cloak flew behind him, but his hood stayed on, covering the top of his head like an unfinished mask. The Apprentice stayed silent, as did Gnarled, but Gnarled had never spoken a word in his life.

In about 5 hours, the duo reached a seemingly endless void with billions of words and phrases appearing, disappearing, and floating around in the portal.

"This is it..." said The Apprentice.

Gnarled nodded.

Then, The Apprentice handed the Fan-like bird a message written on a rag and the bird flew into the void. 5 minutes later, the bird came out, unharmed, but with feathers ruffled. As the bird landed back on Gnarled's shoulder, a flash of light appeared in the portal. All the other words suddenly disappeared as, word for word, their message came out in big, floating letters appearing from the right side of the void and disappearing on the left side of the void. Their message read...

Our world has no meaning...

We are ruled by a creator that has no meaning...

It all makes no sense...

Whoever gets this...


Open the door...

*Back to the Gang...

"So that's where all that 'open the door' crap came from..." said JesseRoo.

"Not all of it..." said The Apprentice, "All that talk about the Wasteland... That was true... But somehow, it spawned into this..."

"Wait..." said ML, "Then why are you The Enemy's apprentice if you were trying to help..."

The Apprentice sighed, then resumed his tale...

Chapter 3: I Walk A Lonely Road

(Theme: Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams) (Time: Approx. same time as last chapter, but 25 minutes later.) (Place: Dumbtendoverse Ouskirts, later World Wide Web, and even later The Enemy's Château.)


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