The Mushroom Kingdom



[Mario and Luigi appears walking in a Grass Land]

Mario: - Well, we are walking for hours and didn't find anything, are you sure there's a kingdom over here Luigi?

Luigi: - Yes, look at the map.

[Luigi shows the map for Mario]

Mario: - *facepalm* did you noticed that map is from a century ago?

Luigi: - oh, I think we are... lost.

Mario: - That's just great.

Luigi: - Well, let's just walk away to see if we find something.

Mario: - I don't know why I accepted to go to that place instead staying at Brooklyn.

[The Mario Bros. starts to walk in a random direction, suddenly they see something strange.]

Luigi: - Hey Mario, looks! A block floating on the air!

Mario: - And?

Luigi: - There's nothing holding the block, it's just floating at the air :O

Mario: - Yeah, you right, that is very weird.

[A strange creature with a mushroom heads appears.]

Strange Creature: - Help me!!!

Mario: - Wait who are you?

Luigi: - You are scary... :s

[A lizard appears transforming the creature into a block]

Luigi: - That explains a lot.

Mario: - Let's follow the lizard we maybe find the Kingdom!

[Mario and Luigi sees the Mushroom Kingdom, with a lot of creepy monsters attacking the mushrooms]

Mario: - Oh god...

Luigi: - What he do Mario?

Mario: - Find the easiest way to Brooklyn.

Luigi: - Mario, we need save those... things.

Mario: - With what? We are just plumbers.

Luigi: - Well we can try save them.

Mario: - Ok, let's a go! So... which is our first step?

Luigi: - I don't know.

Mario: - ¬¬

Luigi: - Hey look, blocks!

Mario: - We shouldn't destroy this blocks.

[Luigi jumps on the block, breaking it.]

Mario: - Wow, those blocks aren't solid.

Luigi: - I think... Hey there's a weird block over here.

[Luigi sees a ? Block]

Mario: - Let me try this time.

[Mario jumps on the ? Block]

Mario: - My head...

Luigi: - Hey look, a mushroom.

Mario: - I love mushrooms, I am hungry, let me eat it.

[Mario eats the Mushroom becoming more stronger]

Mario: - Wow, those are good mushrooms. Let's a go Luigi, we have a kingdom to save.

[Mario and Luigi talk with a walking mushroom (named Toad) that says that the only way to stop that lizard (Bowser) it's saving the Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi travels over the Mushroom Kingdom looking for the Bowser's Castle, they find and enters on]

Mario: - We are finally here Luigi, it's now or never.

[Mario and Luigi starts to look for Peach]

Luigi: - Damn, this place is a god damn maze.

Mario: - Eh, Luigi look at this sign.

[Sign: Enter on this pipe to go to Bowser's Throne Room]


Mario: - Let's a go!

[Mario and Luigi enters the pipe and find Bowser along Princess Peach]

Bowser: - Who are you!?

Mario: - I am Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and this is my brother...

[Mario looks at Luigi, who is hiding on a corner]

Mario: - Luigi...


[Luigi escapes]

Mario: - Oh well, looks like I have to fight against you!

Bowser: - Mwhahaha, very well Mario. Let's start this.

[Bowser pulls a lever that leaves Mario and him at the arena]

Bowser: - The final battle starts now!

[Mario tries to jump on Bowser, but this doesn't affect Bowser]

Mario: - What?

Bowser: - Mwahaha, your jumping skills doesn't hurt me.

[Bowser starts to attack Mario, who dodges from the attacks]

Bowser: - Hm... finally a tough opponent, but you will die now!

Mario: - Never!

[Bowser tries to attack Mario by spinning his shell against him, Mario jump over him and see a axe]

Mario: - Time to you die!

Bowser: - NO!!!

[Mario destroys the bridge using the axe, making Bowser falling and dying on the lava]

Mario: - Finally!

???: - Mario?

Mario: - Huh?

Princess Peach: - It's me, Princess Peach.

Mario: - Oh finally! :D

[Mario frees Princess Peach and leave her to her's castle]

Luigi: - Mario! You did it!

Mario: - Yes. I did it.

Princess Peach: All the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom, all damage caused by Bowser and his troop will be repaired now.

[Peach uses her magic powers to repair all the damage caused by Bowser, Peach gives a kiss to Mario and the episodes ends.]

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