[Episode begins]

Mario: Luigi, did you saw Elvin?

Luigi: Who?

Mario: Professor Elvin Gadd. You know, that weird guy that sends us back to the past.

Luigi: Oh yes, no. I didn't see him anywhere.

Mario: Oh god, he disappeared!

Luigi: What is going on?

Mario: We discovered that Bowser is planning to use him to create evil machines OF DEATH!

Luigi: We need find him!


Bowser: Mwahahaha, great work minions. Hello, Elvin.

E. Gadd: I don't like when they call me Elvin, I AM PROFESSOR E. GADD!

Bowser: Yes, whatever, so we need your help...

E. Gadd: For what?

Bowser: We need machines to help us to conquer Mushroom Kingdom.

E. Gadd: What happens if I say no?

Bowser: We will simply send you to the dungeon until the rest of your life.

E. Gadd: Ok fine I will help you...

[Meanwhile at E. Gadd's lab...]

Luigi: Look at all this strange stuff.

Mario: Robotic arms, robotic legs, robotic heads, what he is doing here?

Luigi: I hope that isn't terminators.

Mario: Terminators doesn't exist Luigi.

Luigi: How do you know that? How I can belive on you? YOU CAN BE A TERMINATOR TRYING TO KILL ME! D:

Mario: Hey look!


Mario: Yea right. I find this controller.

Luigi: There's a big red button saying do not press...

Mario: On the back it says: "It launches the rocket."


Mario: "It is under where Luigi is now."

Luigi: Oh yes, this big box that says "Rocket to the Moon".

Mario: To the moon?

Luigi: I think that this rocket goes to the moon.

Mario: Wait, where I left the controller?

[Accidentaly Mario presses the button]

Computer: Going to the moon in 3... 2... 1... NOW

[The rockets goes to the moon with Luigi]


[Meanwhile on Mushroom Kingdom]

Mario: Whoops, better find E. Gadd soon.

E. Gadd: I'm here.

Mario: Where you were?

E. Gadd: That doesn't matter, where's the rocket?

Mario: On the moon...


Mario: On the moon too.

E. Gadd: Hm... that is a curious thing.

Mario: What we do now?

E. Gadd: Let me get the "E. Gadd Toolbox to Create Something to Pull Luigi off the Moon."

Mario: Why do you have a Toolbox to pull Luigi off the moon?

E. Gadd: You will never know when Luigi will goes next, that's why I also have "E. Gadd Toolbox to Pull Luigi off my Lab", "E. Gadd Toolbox to Pull Luigi off the space", "E. Gadd Toolbox to Pull Luigi off the Toiltet" and more.

Mario: I think I need to buy those things too.

E. Gadd: Certainly.

Mario: So what we do now?

E. Gadd: I have this stuff able to create a magnet that can pull off living humans out of the moon.

Mario: what

E. Gadd: You know this is that kinda of stuff that you do when you are along scientist on a lab with a bunch of things that doesn't work anymore.

Mario: You should contract the Greenies, they friendly ghosts.

E. Gadd: Thanks for the suggestion. But now, I have a mission for you.

Mario: What is?

E. Gadd: I said to Bowser that I would create a robot that is capable to defeat the Mushroom Kingdom's army.

Mario: Are you crazy?

E. Gadd: Nope, this is just a plan. I create those things, the Bob-Ombs.

Mario: So what I do?

E. Gadd: Get this costume, go to the Bowser's Castle, say to him that you are my helper and that I couldn't go there because I was creating more of these and after this, leave and press this button, this will activate the bob-ombs and destroy the castle.

Mario: You are a freaking genius.

E. Gadd: Thanks go now. I need get Luigi back to here.

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