The Animated Adventures of Mario

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The Animated Adventures of Mario is a show written by Locky'12 (tbc) that appears on the Nintendo Animated Universe. It's based on Mario series. It started development at February 10, 2013.

A movie has been announced and will be released after the ending of the Season 3. It will be called Mario and the Kard Mystery.



  • Mario: A lazy 25-year old plumber from Brooklyn that moved to the Mushroom Kingdom. He entered in the most craziest adventures on his life.
  • Luigi: A jumpled 23-year old plumber, who also came from Brooklyn who had the idea to go to the Mushroom Kingdom after see it on a map. He is clumsy.
  • Toad: A 7-year old... creature?, he helps Mario and Luigi on their journey.
  • Princess Peach: A 26-year old princess from the Mushroom Kingdom, she can't stopped to be kidnapped from a certain lizard.


  • Yoshi: A little friendly green dinosaur, he makes small roles and cameos at some episodes.
  • Professor E. Gadd: A crazy scientist that creates a bunch of crazy things on his crazy bunker.


  • Bowser: The main villian, he wants kidnap Peach just for fun, but, Mario and Luigi always ruin his plans.
  • Koopalings: Bowser's main minions, they help Bowser on his ridicilous plans.
  • Koopa Troop: They are Bowser's minions, they always wants to serve his master.


Season 1 (April 6 - ongoing)

Name Air Date Info
The Mushroom Kingdom April 6, 2013 The bros. meets the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time.
A Mario to the Past April 7, 2013 Mario needs go back to past to solve a "little" problem caused by Bowser.
TO THE MOON N/A Luigi meets Professor E. Gadd on his bunk that is testing his new project, but something goes wrong...
Think! Twink! N/A Kamek is causing trouble on the Mushroom Kingdom, during this trouble, a little star kid known as Twink appears to help the bros.
Hammer It, Luigi! N/A The Koopa Troop captured Mario, it is time to Luigi, with his new hammer, save him!

Season 2 (TBA)

Season 3 (TBA)

Voice Actors

  • Charles Martinet (Mario / Luigi)
  • Samantha Kelly (Toad / Princess Peach)
  • Kazumi Totaka (Yoshi / Professor E. Gadd)
  • Kenny James (Bowser)
  • Lani Manella (Larry Koopa / Morton Koopa Jr. / Lemmy Koopa / Wendy O. Koopa)
  • Mike Vaughn (Iggy Koopa / Ludwig Von Koopa)
  • Dan Falcone (Roy Koopa)


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  • Action Girl/Boy: Birdo.
  • Anti-VillianLuigi as Mr. L on Season 2.
  • Big Bad
    • Bowser in Season 1.
    • Mr. L in Season 2 
    • Fawful in Season 3.
    • Bassilix, Kookard and Giga Bowser on the movie.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Mario & Luigi at the end of Chapter 2. Kookard and Basillix in Part 3 of the movie. This could be count as Big Damn Anti-Heroes...
  • Card-Carrying Villian: Literally, Kookard in the movie. He uses his cards as his main weapon, those aren't normal cards, he can cut iron machines and also can cut people on a half, not shown in the movie, but on the comic books based on it.
  • The Chosen One: Luigi in the movie.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Goombots. Nuff' said.
  • Battle BoomerangPom Pom.
  • Brutal Bonus Level: In-universe example, in Episode 5, Hammer-It Luigi, Mario plays a game called "Pink Puffball", where he reaches the bonus level and couldn't beat it because it was too hard.
  • Co-Dragons: Boom Boom and Pom Pom.
  • Dem Bones: Dry Kookard at the end of Part 2 of the movie.
  • Interfrace Screw: Kookard uses a virus to infect the screen where Mario is contacting Frankly to stop him to reveal his secret.
  • Musical Spoiler: Played straight on the movie. At the end of Part 2, the music that plays between the battle between the Heroes and Kookard doesn't stop until Kookard re-appears on his dry form., also at Part 3, the music that plays when the Big Damn Heroes appears to help Mario, stops after Giga Bowser knocks out the heroes. But it appears again just before Kookard and Basilix appears to help the heroes.
  • No One Could Survive That: Giga Bowser was thrown into lava, then Kookard, with the help of Mario's Giant Fireball, thrown a giant flaming card into his direction and created a mass explosion, not only destroying him, but the entire land where Bowser's castle was!, however he appeared again on Part 4.