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The Angel House
Producer(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Distributor(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Broadcaster(s) Fantendo
Type High-school, fantasy
Genre(s) Action, humour, romance
First Air Date(s)
February 10th, 2014
Opening Theme [Akon - Angel]
Ending Theme [Akon - Angel (Instrumental)]
Country of Origin Ireland
Original Language English, Irish, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian
Runtime 30 mins.
So, let me get this straight, this boarding school is for us human-animal hybrids? It's nice of the government to have this, but still...

The Angel House is an upcoming TV show, set in the outskirts of New York. Taking place in Infused Genetics Boarding School, it stars a group of extraordinary friends facing regular high-school problems, such as ​homework, teachers, romance and more, while trying to fit in with the regular people.



  • April: A 14 year old girl, star of the show and new student. She is having trouble with her wings and is very shy, yet smart, thus resulting in her constantly getting bullied.
  • MarkA 16 year old boy who seemingly gets a new love interest every few episodes. He is very cocky and popular among girls.
  • Blue: A 14 year old boy who has learned to use his wings to propel him in water. He is a fast swimmer and a "jock".
  • Gracie: A 15 year old girl who has a mysterious background. She is very talkative and easily scared.
  • MaxA 16 year old boy who usually wears dark colours, resulting in an "emo" or "goth" look. He doesn't talk very much, yet somehow is popular among girls.
  • Zoey: A 15 year old girl who loves fun and gets bored easily. She is pretty and silly but not all that bright.


  • Gail: A 17 year old girl and the leader of the dorm section. She is very stern and doesn't show much emotion, except when around April.
  • Winter: A very popular 16 year old girl who sees that April may become more popular than her. She sets out to make sure that never happens.


Season 1

  • Welcome to Heaven, Sort Of: New student, April arrives at the school and makes some new friends. She loves it at her new school, until she meets a girl named Winter...


Season 1


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