The Crash

Neerotztchi walks across the ground. "Hm" he says. Then he walks away. Juwl walks onto the screen. She lost her memory. You go through a level that is simple. At the end CLOUDER SHROUDER fights you! He is a mini boss. Then Neezorotchi makes you fight goombas!

World One

There is 5 simple grass levels. At the middle you see a fort.


                  |Bonus House
Start 1----2----3----4----5----FORT-----6-----7-----8----9----10-----Boss

Genos Fort

In the fort you see geno. He says you must learn to use Scry. Scry can break blocks. To use it press the buttons when prompted.

World One part 2

5 more grassy levels!

The Boss Of Bombs

The boss is KING BOBOMB! Beat him like in Super Mario 64, but he is really fast this time!

World 2

Cool? Ya It is! On this world A new scry power is learned, but only in the secret level! its Poke Power where you can levitate bricks and drop them on foes! Many cool stuff is learned! For getting the secret level go to The Amazing Omegaverse Game of Games/secrets!

This world is a desert world. It also has a cold snowy climate which is a sidequest but it's harder and can get you to skip the rest of the world.

Here is the map.

              Snow 1 ----------- S2-------S3
                                                |                                                        |
                                               |                                                        |
Secret-------START------1----2|        5 --------End Castle-------------------Bonus House
                                                |       |
                                                 |       |
                   Bonus House----  3-----4

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