This page is for all the notorious bugs and glitches going around....

Beta Testers Story

"Hi. My name is Omegaverse Jake, and I'm a Beta Tester. I was assigned to trade and battle with the pet-monster characters in The Amazing Omegaverse Game of Games. I was assigned with another worker girl named Jess. Jess had access to Beta Testing catching the monsters, so she had a Bulby, and a Broxnox. I was assigned a Woodchirp and a Scuttledig. Jess said she got the Bulby a little strangely. I was in a battle, and I had defeated Bulby, and was fighting Broxnox. Just as I beat him, something happened to the games connection and her game turned off. Mine was still on, so me and the game kept up the battle. In the game, the Bulby appeared again. Huh? We battled, until I beat it again. Here comes the strange part. The game now made me fight another one: GameofGame429. Huh? What's up with that guy? Here's the weird thing: You'd think a glitch monster would LOOK glitchy. GameofGame429 LOOKED REAL. He looked like a bunch of mist, and then an eye. The developers later said that it's not a real sprite from the game at all. They never made that picture. Huh? Well, I finnaly beat GameofGame429, and the battle ended like this: "Creepy@12 says The End!" Umm.... Nothing creepy happened again there, but Jess's game, whenever it was turned on, would just have a picture of GameofGame429 floating and a message saying Creepy@12. More is being looked into.

                                                                                       - Omegaverse Jake.

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