The Amazing Omegaverse Game of Games (Amazing Omegaverse AdventureX2 in Japan) is a very interesting game about 3 characters: Stikeles, Splod, and Juwl, and there quest to destroy Neerotztchi. There are around 100 levels.

This was made by 1337doom Aye, the sun sets, and over the mountin is User:1337doom User talk:1337doom 01:41, 10 January 2009 (UTC) DO NOT EDIT!! OR FACE..... XENMAS! Yeah, if you've seen Elebits Pikman Katamari Patapon and Roco Loco Wars you saw that one coming...

The reason its COMPLETELY split up into parts is because each parts LOOOONG! Well, they will be when I'm done...



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