The Amazing Journey of Walukirby is an upcoming game for the Wii U platform.  It stars Walukirby as he has to rescue the princess,  Princess Daisikirby, from Bowskirby with the help with Warikirby.  The game is in 3D and plays similarly to the New Super Mario Bros. series.


The game plays similarly to New Super Mario Bros.  You can run and jump and use the inhale ability, similar to Kirby and his peeps.  You can also flutter in the air for infinite amounts of time.  Later on you can use new abilities such as shooping da whoop and the falcon punch.


Image Character Description Stats Playable?
WalukirbyByArend Walukirby Walukirby is going to save the day!  He's going to save Daisikirby from her doom with his perfect waaa voices.

Power: 3/3

Speed: 2/3

Jump: 1/3

WARIKIRBY Warikirby Warikirby is alongside Walukirby to save Daisikirby!  He is really eager to help his OP brother.

Power: 1/3

Speed: 3/3

Jump: 2/3

Bowskirby Bowsikirby is going to destroy the Wa Kingdom at all costs!  He can breathe fire. - No
Daisikirby The damsel of distress must be saved by the Wakirbys and must be woken up with the power of Wa! - No


World Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Boss
Wa Plains Start at Wa Plains Underground Wa Sky Watrol Wa Versus Bows Bowskirby I
Wa Desert Scorching Wa Desert Wa-Ta Morgana Wa of Arabia Pyramid of SacroWa-gi WaMummy
Wa Snowland In a Snowbound Wa Slippery Wa Physics Ice Cube Wa-stle WaBob's Wa-nderful Igloo Wa-stle WaBob
Wa Jungle Wa Jungle Hijinx High on Wa Wa at the Amazon Arroz Wa-nco White
Wa Mountain Ridge of Wa Mountain Rugged Wa Risky Wathletics WaWario's Peak of Wa WaWario
Wa Beach Great Wa Resort Going UnderWa-ter Wa Vacation Resort WaWaluigi's Personal Wa Spot WaWaluigi
Wa Clouds On Wa Cloud Seven Even Higher on Wa Dangerous Wathletics WaWaWa's Brouhaha WaWaWa
Bowskirby Land The Bowsiful Badlands Bowse the Game The Worst Level Bowsible Bowst Finale Ever Bowskirby II
Wa Bonus Wa Difficult Impossibly Wa Scream in Wa-gony The Last Hurr-Wa None


  • Mushroom - This allows you to use your "WA" attack.
  • Flower - This allows you to shoop da wa.
  • Star - This allows you to use the falcon punch and a WA at the same time!
  • Shell - If you get into this, you'll WA. No actually you'll fire a huge laser.
  • Ice Flower - Use this and you'll use an icy version of the "WA" attack.
  • Wa Distort - This allows Walukirby to become completely disturbing and kill anyone (besides bosses) by staring at them.

Copy Abilities

  • Fire - This allows you to spew flames at your enemies. Every once in a while a WA is thrown in.


  • Arend for Walukirby artwork and stage names.


  • This is the first game to introduce Walukirby.