The Almighty Fungus Empire was, during the medieval era, a large empire made of several kingdoms  regoupring a lot of different species such as ToadsGoombas and Koopas. It existed for more than five centuries and was considered as one of the greatest empires of the Mushroom World.



In the Mushroom World, during the medieval era, the world was ruled by large empires known as the BeanBean Empire and the Sarasaland Empire, which were expanding their territories as much as they could, until one of them manage to conquer the other one. But this never happened, as during this era, a third empire was created, and changed History...

The Empire's flag

For a long time, the BeanBean Empire and the Sarasaland Empire took over countries from over the sea ( like Dinosaur Land and Lavalava Island ), but these two superpowers, located on the same continent, were separated by dozens of small, harmless countries. But one day that must arrive, free oversea territories went to run out and now, the two rivals had to conquer these small nations called Fungus Nations, due to the presence of a lot of mushrooms in these regions.

The first empire to invade these Fungus Nations was the BeanBean empire, which invaded the Kingdom of SkyLand ( Near the Kingdom of Nimbus Land ) to start off.

This invasion provoked the fear of the king Kinoko IV, the king of GrassLand ( the strongest kingdom of all the Fungus Nations ), because he knew that his kingdom was going to be invaded sooner or later if the Fungus Nations didn't unite. As the most powerful king of the Fungus Nations, he used his influence over the other monarchs to untite all the armies of the Fungus Nations to create a grand army ( the Almighty Army, hence the name of the future union ). He used this army to fight back against the Beanish troops and then invade the BeanBean Empire

In less than a year, the Almighty Army managed to besiege BeanBean Castle Town, forcing the BeanBean Empire to abandon the war and admit the defeat. After this victory, the king Kinoko and the emperor of Beanish government signed a peace agreement in the BeanBean castle, home of the greatest monarchs of the time, this peace agreelent, signed in the presence of all the leaders of the Fungus Nation, forced the BeanBean empire to leave a part of its territory to the winners, but it also mentioned the official unification of all the Fungus Nations in The Almighty Fungus Empire.

After this first victory for The Almighty Fungus EmpireKinoko IV, known as the king of GrassLand before this event, became Kinoko I, first emperor of The Almighty Fungus Empire.


During five centuries, The Almighty Fungus Empire kept fighting against Sarasaland and the BeanBean Kingdom ( known as BeanBean empire during two centuries ).

However, 480 years after the defeat of the BeanBean empire, The Almighty Fungus Empire lost a lot of its power due to almost perpetual invasions coming from the south ( Sarasaland ) and the north ( BeanBean Kingdom ). 

The empire disappeared after a war against the Sarasaland-Beanish alliance, a war in which, the two enemies of The almighty empire decided to unite against their common foe.

The Almighty Fungus Empire  was defeated and forced to cede parts of its territory to its vanquishers, and the rest of its territory was divided once again.


All the kingdoms of the empire :

  • GrassLand
  • DesertLand ( partially belongs to the Sarasaland )
  • OceanLand
  • JungleLand
  • MountainLand 
  • LavaLand
  • IcedLand ( partially belongs to the BeanBean Kingdom ) 
  • SkyLand 
  • PipeLand 
  • DarkLand


Soon after the dissolution of the empire, the last kingdoms of the Fungus Nations decided to unite once again, but this time, it didn't work out well, most kingdoms decided to unite into a single kingdom ( the Mushroom Kingdom ), while some kingdoms ( Dark Land, LavaLand and MountainLand ) decicded to create a new empire, ruled by the Koopasian Dynasty, officialy this empire doesn't exist, however, the Mushroom kingdom has a lot of conflicts with it since its main goal is to annex the Mushroom Kingdom. 

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