The Alliance is a team of powerful heroes that fight evil. It is only a small alliance, but is growing bigger as time passes. They have a small rivalry with the Warrior Code.


  • Skulshi - The leader. Has magical abilities and a modern revolver. He is a gray Yoshi with a resemblance to Boshi.
  • Valkyrie - The newest member of The Alliance. She has very powerful legs and arms. She is a pink Koopa Kid.
  • Bloodfall - A red Tanooki who is a skilled swordsman.
  • Ghastly - A completely blue Shy Guy that has a red crack across his mask. He can fight regularly, but he can also wove clothing that has many useful properties.
  • Hiss - A dark-skinned Toad with legendary strength.


  • The Alliance's characters are based off the cast from Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)'s favorite book.

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