WRITTEN BY: RushingZ (tbc)
ACT 02: The Beginning of a War.
Any characters appearing here are not owned by me, all belong to their respective owners and franchises.


The looming darkness surrounded the Multiverse, however, this was soon opposed by a.... Glowing purple light swirling around near Universe 0616.... This glowing purple light was soon followed by a wave of energy to devastate many Universes near it.. The wave of energy stopped near Universe 0846, The Universe of a place called.... Fantendo. Countless universes were in the state of a beginning war, and had only one choice, and that choice was to.... Partake in it.



The city was dark, no lights except for the ones that guide nearby drivers on where to go, two people were in the high skies of New York, seemingly fighting. One of them had a robotic suit and was shooting repulsor waves at the other, using a sort of rope to reach his enemy.
These two were none other then Peter Parker, the Spider-Man, and Tony Stark, the Iron Man.

Spider-Man: Tony! Why did you have to do this!? You could help Cap and us! We could stop this nonsense!
Ironman: Sorry, Pete. I don't help absolute fools like you!

Peter was highly damaged, he was bleeding, had several cuts, and his face was exposed due to the rips in his mask. The Spider-Man started shooting webs at Tony, several of them missing. However, in a counter attack, Tony shot a another repulsor wave at Spidey, dealing great damage. Peter was falling, and Tony kept on shooting at him.
He fell on the ground, tiny crevices appeared right after this. Tony landed on the ground, his mask lifted up, revealing his face.

Ironman: Tsk, tsk, tsk.... Peter.... You have to know, that we will win in the end, and, if you don't give up.... You'll die.
Spider-Man: Shut up! You're nothing, Stark! Nothing but a coward! You're not a hero, you're an arrogant asshole striving to get what you want!
Ironman:.... Well, I guess you'll learn the hard way.

Tony started floating upwards slowly, soon after, Tony put his hand in front of him, readying another attack. Peter slowly got up, his bleeding getting worse, and in a last ditch attack, Peter web-zipped to Tony, ready to attack. Tony's shot his attack at point blank range.


The smoke had cleared, Tony had awaited to see if Peter survived or not, but, to his dismay, there was no body. Tony knew that Peter couldn't have escaped that attack... But, what Tony did notice is before Peter could even get "killed" by the blast, he did notice a green light spark.

Ironman: I'll find them.... I'll find that fool.

Tony started walking towards the streets, however, before he could... He noticed another light behind him.

Ironman: I-is this....? .... If he escaped through this, they may have surrendered already...... Hah! They must be stupid.

Tony walked towards it, however, once he was near it, it started to..... Serge through his suit...

Ironman: Agh! W-what the he-

By the time Tony could finish finding out what it was, he was gone. Fan-Fiction

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