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"Hmmmmm....." He hummed.
The man in the white cloak watched as many universes were in the heat of battle, many of which started to become intense.
One universe is one of the mainstream universes, and it featured a plumber fighting a giant dragon-like turtle.
"Interesting...." He stated.
"Hu?" The glass ball he possessed was starting to shatter, having cracks in it and beams of light widowing through the small cracks.
"Oh dear." The cloaked man said.
He ran towards the glass ball, but it was too late.
It had shattered and a glowing purple light was in it's original spot.
"No! No! No!!!!" He screamed.
"T-this.... Was the balance that held all universes together... Without it..." He said.
"The universes will collide, causing a conflict between all of them... And in due time, they will all fall..." He said with a weary voice.
"W-what's this....?" He said looking into the purple light.
There was an area that seemed to have the same patterns that a chess board would have.
"A n-new universe???" The man said.


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