The Adventures of YoshiEgg is a game producted by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by YOSHEHYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey, Hey! It's Jerry!, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It's the first game in the YoshiEgg series and is for the Nintendo Wii.


Years ago, in The Mushroom Kingdom Zoo, a little Tanooki named YoshiEgg Nook was born. YoshiEgg was a bit abnormal, considering his green fur and eyes, but everybody loved him. Almost everybody... Years later, YoshiEgg got a job working at the zoo, which his father owned. Unfortunatley, the only job left that was open was cleaning up elephant feces. His friends called YoshiEgg "PooperScoop" and made fun of his job and YoshiEgg didn't rather like the job. Plus, when he asked his father for a new job, he never listened. So, one night, YoshiEgg snuck out of his room and went to go find a new job and home. After a day or two, YoshiEgg stumbled across a mansion where his soon-to-be friend, McBoo lived. He kept hearing a scrawny-sounding Ttalian man scream "MAAAARIIIIOOO?!". But, that didn't scare him that much. Next to the mansion was a small, abandoned shack with a little bedroom in the back. YoshiEgg decided to take ownership of the shack and open up an item shop/Yoshi riding licensing buisiness, since his favorite animals in the zoo were Yoshis, hence the name YoshiEgg. Business was good. Life was good. But, back at the zoo, YoshiEgg had forgotten to lock the cage that held the most vicious, ferocious, and intelligent animal in The Mushroom Kingdom, The Groo. The Groo hated all Tanookis, especially YoshiEgg, because, in ancient times, the two species had a never-ending fued. Now, The Groo was the only Groo left in existance. The Groo then escaped from his cage and went out to eat YoshiEgg, along with his friends and family. Now, YoshiEgg has to save his friends, family, and himself!

Playable Characters and Helpers:

  • YoshiEgg (playable)
  • McBoo (helper) (licks enemies and stuns them)
  • RedYoshi (helper) (eats enemies, turns them into eggs, and they don't come out until 3 seconds)
  • King Boo (helper) (licks enemies and stuns them for longer than McBoo)
  • Elephant (helper) (throws enemies with it's trunk)


World 1: Petey Piranha

World 2: Gooper Blooper

World 3: King Boo (Later joins your team)

World 4: Goomboss

World 5: Groo Clone

World 6: Giga Rex

World 7: Gooper Blooper (Again)

World 8: The Groo

Minigames: (Unlocked when you beat the game)

'Keeping Shop': You are YoshiEgg at the shack. Everybody wants items, and you're the one to give them to them. Hand out the right items to the right people in the course of three minutes.

Clean Up That Poop!: You are YoshiEgg at the zoo. The elephants just had a HUGE breakfast, and they're poopin' up a storm! Get out your trusty pooper-scooper and clean it all up in the course of two minutes.

More to come!!!


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