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The Adventures of wilsing is a story about a boy who goes on a big adventure...

Chapter 1

Wilsing was very hungry, and decided to eat random food, without knowing the consequenses...

Wilsing: OOH LOOK!!! CAKE!!!

Jending: You shouldnt eat that, thats Bloated--

Wilsing eats the cake and is very fat...

Jending: --Cake...

Wilsing: What do i do now? Im Fat!

Wilsing just waddles to that chocolate goomba...

Wilsing: OOH, Chocolate Goomba!

Jending: Thats a Chocoomba, dont--

Wilsing ignored and ate it again!

Wilsing: Im getting fatter?

Wilsing also keeps on eating random stuff... He eats a chocolate tire, ice cream bacon, goomba cookies, and now is as plump as the biggest lightbulb.

Wilsing: Imma gonna explode if i eat anything else...

A fly enters Wilsing's mouth...


Wilsing is now his normal weight, but is in jail, with people rebuilding Pencil Town...

The end!

Moral:Never eat too much!

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