The Adventures of Super Mario World 3 show coming 2010 as it will combine Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World cartoons.

The Show


Everything was normal in the Mushroom Kingdom and all was peaceful intil King Koopa attacked and with his new Koopa Kid Junoir. With their new powers they were able to beat the Koopas.

The New Show Full Version

Heres how the story starts. After king Koopa's latest defeat in Super Mario World he and his Koopa Kids travelde back to Dark Land only for a stork to come in and says that he has a new chiled called Junior who quickly hugs him in joy. Maybe we shoul start our story in Toad Town where our heroes and heroine, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad, and Yoshi. As they traveld all the way from Dinousaur World back to Toad Town to there home. Now their travling from Toad Town to Grass Plains, Koopharia Desert to sea Side, Big Island to Iced Island, Pipe Maze to Dino World, And Yoshie Island to Koopa Castle. Their New Powers are a Karte Band giving them karate power and a an acid band making their whole bodies acid. Despite this King Koopa and his kids fill up the doomship with Boom Boom, Dry Bones Caterpillars and Rocky Wrench. Despite being abused time and time again their are some who despartly need a Super Mario Bros. Resue and others don't.


NOTE: I'm doing 3 for now.


  • This is the first reapperance of Toad since his last appearnce in the SMB3 cartoon.
  • This is the show were the Koopas could use Power Ups.

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